joi, 30 iulie 2015

Student in Denmark #nordicadventures

Photo source: Buzfeed

 Long time, no blog! 
 I will start by justifying my absence. You probably know that I have recently graduated high school so this has been quite a stressful year for me. Studying for my final exams, deciding where to go to college, applying to college.. you know, the usual stuff :) 

 I've dreamed about studying abroad since I was in the 8th of 9th grade. However, back in the day, my ambitions were different. I used to dream about studying in a prestigious university in England. Utopian! I remember dreaming about studying something geeky like forensic psychology.. then I grew up, haha. I was in the 11th grade when I decided that I'm definitely not going to study in Romania. I brought my parents to my Edmundo counselor so that they could understand that my intentions were real. They obviously thought it through and eventually supported me with my decision. And for that, I am deeply grateful. Back then I still had to decide where to go. I was weighing the advantages and disadvantages of studying in England, Netherlands and Denmark (aaand Australia but that was not only on the other side of the world but also very expensive). Since I really wanted to study journalism, I could pretty much only study in England. My plans were cancelled when I realized it is just too expensive and even if I could find a part-time job, that will never fully cover my monthly expenses. That left me with the Netherlands and Denmark. The problem with Denmark is that there are not many programs taught in English. Yey! You can pretty much choose between a large variety of IT programs, Architecture, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Finances. 

 Yesterday, the 29th of July, I received my final admission to the University College of Northern Denmark :) I first got a conditional acceptance. I was accepted on the condition that I pass my final exams and that my grades will not change significantly to the worse. So today I'm officially a student of UCN, Denmark. 

 Now, if you are thinking of studying in Denmark beware that it is not cheap! The most amazing thing is that for the citizens of the European Union, education is FREE! Yes, totally free. You only pay for your books. However, living in Denmark is expensive. I first wanted to study in Copenhagen but I don't want to put my parents through that so I will study in Aalborg which is the 3rd or 4th city as size and population in Denmark. I will be leaving on the 18th of August. 

 There are so many amazing things about Denmark. For instance, Danes are rated as the most happy people in the world. Also, Danes are super eco-friendly, most of them go to school or work by bike. I am so excited about cycling because it is not only a great exercise but it is also cheap to get around the town. There are only 2 obvious disadvantages of moving to Denmark: the Danish language which is like 3 times worse than German and German is no easy language to learn and then there's also the weather (for those who love summer and are all about shorts and crop-tops). I personally don't think I will have a problem with the weather since I prefer chilly weather to hot weather and regarding the language, I will do my best to learn it. That leads me to another great thing: as far as I know, by being an international student in Denmark you are granted 2 years of Danish language study for free. How amazing is that? :) 

 I don't imagine it will be easy to adjust to living there since I lived with my parents for my entire life. Besides that, I will encounter a whole different culture than mine. However, I am so looking forward to that. If I wasn't, my "get out of your comfort zone" tattoo wouldn't make sense. It's funny now that I think of all the AIESEC projects I participated to when I used to say "hey, there are some internationals coming to our city". Now I'm going to be the international going to their city :) 

 A classmate of mine wrote in my album something like "have fun with your nordic adventure" (there's a tradition in Romania, you pay for this album full of pictures of your classmates when you finish high school and you just write things like "I'm glad I got to meet you, have fun in college, lots of success" to each other). That sort of inspired my #, haha. I look forward to discover the Danish culture and tell you all about my nordic adventure :) 

 If you have any questions regarding studying in Denmark, feel free to send me a message here or on facebook. Also, maybe share this post as I might be able to help someone who can't decide whether to choose Denmark or another country :) 

P.S Buzfeed has this amazing article about Denmark. Check it out if you're interested: