luni, 3 noiembrie 2014

Communism and why Romania is going to hell

 On the 16th of December 1989 some brave citizens of Timisoara started a protest against the communist system. Protests were forbidden by law. In fact, if Bucharest didn't rise up against the system as well, Timisoara would have literally been erased from the ground. Back then, while Romania was under communist domination, Ceausescu (the dictator) infiltrated some kind of a secret police system. It was called ‘Securitate’. Translated, it means Security but I am sure it is not the right term. Frankly, I don’t know the English term for ‘Securitate’ so I will address to it as ‘secret police system’. The communist ideology itself is not necessarily a bad one. It demands equality between citizens. However, what makes it evil is the fact that under communist domination you were literally not allowed to leave the country, talk about the dictator in a mean way and so on. Under communist domination there was no such thing as a private company. Moreover, you were not allowed to have (for example) 2 bicycles per person, 2 apartments per person and so on. As my philosophy teacher said, communists came up with some rights to make up for the fact that they totally neglected the fundamental human rights. For instance, there was not a single person to leave on the street. Everyone received an apartment. However, if you had 2 apartments one of them was taken by the state. You were literally not allowed to have 2 apartments.

 Under communist domination everyone had a place to work. There was no such thing to say as ‘I want to work but I can’t find a job’. However, you were not allowed to refuse to work nor to have 2 jobs. Having 2 jobs means having more money which is contradictory to the ideology. Everyone must be equal. One must not have more that another one.

 Now, going back to the secret police system. Everybody knew about its existence but nobody knew who was part of it. The system worked like this: X doesn’t agree with communism because it is immoral and it neglects the human rights. X has very strong arguments regarding this matter. X must keep his arguments for himself otherwise he will go to jail. X tells Y by mistake. Y is part of this secret police system and he gets X in jail. X dies MISTERIOUSLY in jail after a few days. OR Y knows somebody who might get X to jail and Y gets a reward. Moral of the story: you cannot trust anybody. This mentality, ideology haunts us still. In fact, I was raised not to trust people. I was raised with the idea that there is no such thing as friends, no such thing as good people. Unfortunately and involuntarily these ideas, this mentality haunts me as well. I am not a person to trust people and I am not a person to have faith in humanity.

 My boyfriend told me a really interesting and true fact today. He was told this by his teacher. Communist is exactly like Christianity. The problem is that while Christianity is ‘ruled’ by God, communism is ruled by a dictator. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not approve with communist but its ideology is not all that bad. The problem with it is that it encourages people who are not aiming for higher intellect. It doesn’t encourage intellectual people, curious people. It burns them. Literally.

 As I said at the beginning, brave citizens of Timisoara practically started the 1989 Revolution. It is known to be the most violent revolution from Eastern Europe. The only revolution where citizens executed the dictator and its family. (There are, obviously, some conspiracy theories that claim that Ceausescu and his family actually escaped but you know what it’s like with all the conspiracy theories. They eventually drive you mad.)

 Some of you may know, on the 16th of November we will be choosing the new president of Romania. Every citizen who is over 18 years old has the right to vote. We already voted once, on the 2nd of November but there were 14 candidates and it was impossible for any of them to have 50% + 1 votes. The first 2 candidates (greatest in the number of votes) will be the ones from which we will have to choose on the 16th. The first one, with a percentage of 40 or 41% is Victor Ponta, PSD (Social Democratic Party) and the second one with a percentage of 30 or 31%, Klaus Iohannis, PDL (Democratic Liberal Party).

 In my opinion, PSD is an insult towards the heroes of the 1989 revolution. Wake up, Romanians! Those people bled for this country to be a democratic country and you and you are literally shitting on them. PSD has communist ideology and I see no God in Victor Ponta. Not to mention that PSD literally bought people’s votes. They literally went to long forgotten villages and gave food and money to old people. Honestly, is this the kind of party you want your country to be ruled by?

 It is a known fact that Romania has been through an economical crisis just like many other nations. The former president, Traian Basescu, was supported by PDL. I am not saying that he was a good person nor that he did great things for Romania but he (or his party) came with solutions for the economical crisis. By the time these solutions solved the problems Victor Ponta claimed that the problems were solved by his solutions. I don’t know if this makes sense to you, I’m still figuring out all the information. It is, however a good thing that at least some people think. They ask questions.

 I am not saying that PDL is a saint party. I believe that every president will eventually steal as much as he can. However, Klaus Iohannins was (or he still is) the mayor of Sibiu. Sibiu is one of the must-see destinations in Romania. It is one of the most visited city not only by Romanians but also by foreign tourists. If you ask a Romanian for a top 3 cities he wants to visit, Sibiu is most probably one of them. From my point of view, Iohannis encourages culture while Ponta encourages stupid, mediocre people.

 Now, finally, I can disappoint you. No matter who wins the elections, the country is going to hell. If Ponta wins, well, we are going to hell obviously. If Iohannis will, however, win, we are still going to hell because the Parliament will be mostly under PSD dominance and even if Iohannis tries to do something good for this country he will be stopped by the members of the Parliament.

 Don’t get me wrong, I don’t advise you against voting. Being able to vote is one of the aspects of democracy. It is one of the things people fought for in December 1989.

 Funny how after fighting so hard for a non-communist country we still vote for communist ideology-based parties.

 My advice? Go abroad. Go away and never come back. Take your family and never come back. There is nothing left for you in this country and if you haven’t lost hope yet you will by the end of this year.

 Eventually, Romania will be populated by politicians and their mediocre followers. I’m dying to see how that’s gonna` work out for them.