marți, 2 septembrie 2014

Books, books, books

So there's this new trend on Facebook, you have to make a list of 10 of your favorite books. I decided to sort of take it to another level and write a blog post on this subject. I don't really do these trends but making a list of my favorite books is way better than harlem shake and other viral things.

1. Ten little Indians by Agatha Christie. Now, I love anything by Agatha, I can literally read any of her books in 2 days. I've read this book in Romanian, so I'm not sure about the title, that's what I found on Google. From what I read, the original title was 'ten little niggers' or something like that but the title had to be changed because of some racist issues. (Romanian title: Zece negri mititei)

2. The winner stands alone by Paulo Coelho. If you know me, you know I love Paulo Coelho's books. I read about 6-7 of his books and I love each one of them. (Romanian title: Invingatorul este intotdeauna singur)

3. Sum: Forty tales from the aftelives by David Eagleman. The writer creates 40 stories of how he imagines afterlife looks like. Where we go when we die, who we meet and so on. (Romanian title: Sum: 40 de povesti de dincolo)

4. The most beautiful book in the world: 8 novellas by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. 8 short stories in one book. Damn, these are the best short stories I've ever read. You always expect the story to have a certain ending and it never happens. Irony. That's the word to describe every short story from this book. (Romanian title: Cea mai frumoasa carte din lume si alte povestiri).

5. The diary of Anne Frank. I haven't finished this book, unfortunately. However, from what I read it is amazing. For those who haven't heard about it, it is about a Jewish girl and her family during the Holocaust. She kept a diary when she was hiding. You probably read about the Holocaust, but you only know what history tells us. This is a book about what it really felt like having to stay hidden, not being able to go outside. It's a book which shows you exactly how things changed from one day to another. She was just a happy girl celebrating her birthday when suddenly she found out that she couldn't ride her bicycle anymore, she couldn't go to a normal school, just to a special school for Jews. But wait, there's more. (Romanian title: Jurnalul Annei Frank)

6. Lord of the flies by William Golding. A story about how power destroys innocence, even when it comes to children. From what I read, the writer couldn't find innocence in nothing, not even in children. He got the Nobel Prize, although I'm not sure if he got it for this book. (Romanian Title: Imparatul mustelor)

7. Sunt o baba comunista by Dan Lungu. This is a Romanian book describing what life was like for an old communist woman after the 'communist-era'. I don't think there's an English version of thing book but it really is a good one.

8. The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom. A book about time. About the man who invented time, actually. This is definitely a must-read for everyone. (Romanian title: Masura timpului)

9. The witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho. Paulo Coelho, again. I actually planned to put only one of his book in this top but I couldn't help myself. I also loved 11 minutes, The Zahir, The Alchemist and Aleph by Paulo Coelho. (Romanian title: Vrajitoarea din Portobello)

10. The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. This book really doesn't need an introduction. (Romanian title: Marele Gatsby)

Ok, so these are a few of my favorite books. I couldn't say which one is my favorite because I'm not sure I decided yet. It's just that there are too many great books for me to say that one of them is my favorite, does that make any sense to you?

Anyway, I hope I inspired you to read at least one of them and tell me whether you'd like me to write book reviews. Also, I dare you all to leave a comment or just write a Facebook post with some of your favorite books. You don't have to write 10 books, a few will do :)

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  1. i love the book you lent me. i'm already halfway through it and i think i'll finish it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. i'll definitely take your advice on what to read, you have great taste :D and i'll also read some of the books you mentioned in the article. Kisses, Alina :)

    1. so glad to hear that! at the end of the day, you were the one who inspired me to read in the first place :):*

  2. This is interesting as I love reading books before (now I just don't have the time after I graduated). I must have read 1 of Paulo Coelho, I think it's The Alchemist, I couldn't remember... You're # 3 book sounds like "5 people you meet in heaven" book... I only own 4 books by far which are my favorite: The Greatest Salesman in the World 1 and 2, The Secret, and the Love Dare (for married couple)... I suggest you read "the greatest salesman in the world", it's a very inspiring book written simply into 10 scrolls =) I also wanted to read your book # 2, Coelho's books are somewhat interesting =)

    JL Arnaiz

  3. Coelho is a brilliant writer and I'm proud to say that I read it all his books. Congrats for your post and blog.I really like it! :)
    P.S. My favourite book remains Crime and punishment by Dostoievski.