miercuri, 20 august 2014

Midnight thoughts

What could possibly be more elegant than being educated?
A girl who reads is a dangerous creature, they say..

And what is education really, if not books?

Someone once advised me to read as much as I can because that’s the only thing that can possibly give me advantage in life. Anyone can learn to do different things, it’s really what you know, what you read, the way you think, that distinguishes you from the rest of the world.

It’s literally midnight and I’m reading a book about timekeeping. I should get a life.

Actually no, I’m good.

Do you remember my old post about timekeeping? I had a picture with a quote challenging you to imagine a life without timekeeping.. Well, finally the book was translated to Romanian and I found it at the library. I totally recommend it, it’s a book that everyone should read. The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom and for my Romanians, Masura timpului de Mitch Albom :)

Don’t even ask me what’s with this post, haha. 

luni, 11 august 2014

Greece: where culture meets modernism (part 2)

 So the tale continues.. The 4th day of our trip was really the first free day, as we didn't have any trip planned. We just enjoyed the sun, went to the beach and all that stuff. For the night, we planned to go to this club but we had a last minute change of plans and we went to this amusement park. It was kinda' old-school, but we didn't have high expectations as one of the guides told us so. He was a really cool guy and we became friends a day before, at the Greek night as most of the night we were out because of the loud music. But hey, now we know: next time visiting Greece: no Greek night party!
 Now, the amusement park. Although it was old-school and pretty rusty aaand although I was sooo looking forward to this night, when we got there I obviously panicked. When I saw all those crazy carousels I literally said to myself  "I'm too old for this shit!", haha. Well, eventually Cristi convinced me to go on the big wheel but that's it. That and the little cars. Those I love ^^



No kidding, my face describes my mood.
 After we left the amusement park we took a walk back to the villa through this harbor. It wasn't fancy or anything but they say you must visit it at least once if you're there :)

 Finally, the awesome 5th day. Damn this was a cool one. We went to Mount Olympus, the last optional trip. Apparently, Mount Olympus was recently declared National Park or something like that and you couldn't even take a leaf. That place is so amazing, I swear! The feeling itself, to know that you're on a mountain that's said to have sheltered the great Gods of Olympus. So much mythology. We were lucky to have a great guide, she told us many stories about the Gods and there's one particular I remember very well. 
 So, there was this Goddess, Demeter. She was the Goddess of agriculture, harvest, fertility and she had a daughter, Persephone, who was abducted by Hades, the God of the underworld. Hades abducted Persephone in order to make her his wife and rule the underworld together. From what I understood, Persephone fell in love with Hades and wouldn't leave the underworld when her mother asked her to. Angry, Demeter refused to let plants grow, people didn't have food and so on. Afterwards, Zeus decided to go take Persephone back to her mother and they came to an agreement. Persephone would spend 6 months with her mother and 6 months in the underworld. And this is way we can harvest vegetables on spring and summer and can't on autumn and winter. Well, it's a legend :) Isn't it beautiful?
  The main attraction on the mountain was "Zeus' bath tub". A natural waterfall/river thing which is supposed to be the place where Zeus used to spend his time with the nymphs while he was angry with his wife, Hera. 


This is the so called "Zeus' bath tub".. Can you see how clean the water is? No offence Zeus, but I think it's time you take a shower..



 Down the mountain there was this beautiful city, Litochoro. Now that's a beautiful city! Everything is so picturesque and.. Greek! I wish we had more time to spend there but we were in a little hurry because we had to visit a monastery and a little villa. It wasn't a random villa, you could see the entire city of Litochoro from there + the Olympic Beach, as it was situated on the mountain. Yes, we went there only for the view, don't judge!! Haha, this reminds me.. Cristi bought himself a coffee there. Big mistake! I don't drink coffee so I don't really know what it should taste like but he said that it tasted like water + some coffee flavor, haha. Anyway, we did buy some muffins and those were delicious!


The monastery made me do it! haha.. So, women had to wear these ugly sort-of-skirts, unless they had long skirts.. Well, not necessarily long, but they had to be under the knee.. 

Money from all over the world :)


 We got back to the villa at around 1-2 p.m. Shortest trip! Later when we went to the beach we actually took a look at the mountain (Olympus). It was only an hour car ride away. You could barely see the difference between the mountain and the sky. There was a thin line that would point out the mountain's limit. Now I understand why the Gods chose to stay on a mountain. The sky is the limit, you know. I bet that if you climb the mountain and you reach the top, you can touch the sky, dance with the clouds.

 Now, as I said, we went to the beach later that day. That was the only time I took photos on the beach, unfortunately.

 2 days left. Well, 3, but the last one doesn't really count. On Monday we went out clubbing. Cristi and I aren't really approaching this lifestyle, I guess we are more into relaxed places and just quietness, if that makes any sense. However, a night out in a club won't do any harm to anyone. Of course, we went to the beach first and only by 10 p.m we left the villa to go to the club. We decided to go to Gold, the fanciest, the most expensive and cool club in the city. Luckily, women had free entrance, but Cristi had to pay 8 euros. Unlike in Romania, in Greece if you pay entrance in a club you can order a drink, any drink, for free. And you also get some salty things to eat. 
 Now, the club was full of girls, as girls had free entrance every Monday. That's why I don't like clubs, they're full of bitches and men looking for bitches, really. I don't mean to be mean, but that's the truth. Especially this kind of clubs.
 I have to say that I had fun, it was really cool but at around 2.30 a.m it got so crowded that I couldn't bare it anymore and we left.
Our future car!




 This is a hell of a long post so I'll keep short from now. On Tuesday the main thing we did was a fish massage. Man, that's the future, haha. Other that that, we walked, went to the beach and just enjoyed the day.



 We could barely believe we were going home. I was still wishing for some breaking news that we can't leave Greece for another 3 days and the company pays for everything, haha. But we did leave sadly on Wednesday at around 5 p.m. Until then we went for a walk, bought souvenirs and just enjoyed our last hours in Paralia. Ever since we left Greece it started to rain and it didn't stop until we arrived home. I got sick again on the bus and I almost had a panic attack (it happens to me often). As I couldn't really sleep on the bus I got to see that when we were in Serbia the bus was literally swimming on the road. The whole place was under water, it was awful. Cristi was sleeping and as I said I almost had a panic attack.


All in all, the trip was a blessing. And the best thing about it was that I got to spend it with Cristi. I will write one more post about Greece, but that's going to be something.. well, different. Stay tuned to see what's it all about :)