vineri, 4 iulie 2014

Beauty products and online make-up shopping

I realized that I don't write much about beauty and make-up which is quite odd, taking that I want to become a make-up artist. Well, I decided to write a little post about 2 products that I've been loving recently.

So, the perfect combination of lipstick + lip gloss:

These products are so worth having! The colors are sort of neutral so you can wear them with anything. Now, about the texture. The lip gloss is a little too glossy at the beginning but after a while it somehow settles. Aaand I have nothing to say about the MAC lipstick, as it's just perfect.

Now, be careful where you buy them from, the best is, of course, from an actual make-up store. In case you don't have one in your city you can order them online. I recommend for any make-up product, as it's legit, I ordered from there and they only have top quality products at affordable prices. Now, for us Romanians, everything is expensive because we have to think twice whether to but a $25 lipstick when the average salary is $250. Anyway, the shipping costs are low and I received the products I ordered in about 2 weeks. 
I got asked whether it's safe to buy make-up products from eBay. Well, I wouldn't spend a big amount of money on anything from eBay because you never know. But for a $5 product with free shipping, yeah, you have nothing to lose. However, you will see the difference of quality. Trust me, I've been there. Oh, and tell me if you'd like a post about eBay shopping tips.

NYX lip gloss Nude Peach

MAC lipstick Cremesheen Crosswires
I did get this from the store but you can order it from

Please tell me if you'd like more posts like this one, I would highly appreciate your comments.

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  1. I've tried online shopping for eye make up before and it was actually okay, but I still think it's a little overprice with all those shipping costs and stuffs though =)