duminică, 22 iunie 2014


I started watching this Revolution, a TV series which unfortunately has been cancelled after 2 seasons. It is about a somehow "post-apocalyptic" world where people do not have electricity at all. I realized that technology and electricity are so indispensable for us.

Obviously, when you think of a world without electricity the first thing that comes to your mind is that you won't have your phone, laptop and so on. And yes, these are soo important. Phones are the easiest ways to communicate with each other. Someone you know who lives 5000 km away from you is just a phone call away. So yes, mobile phones became a necessity. But think further, we wouldn't have, for example, refrigerators. We would have to haunt our food. We couldn't transport ourselves from a place to another, only by foot or horse. Can you imagine that? Now I'll exagerate a little. In Revolution, if you go outside you can get killed for food. Imagine having one of your family members getting killed just by going out. Not to mention medicine. History says that back in the 13th century, getting a cold could have killed you. And that is because there was no medicine.

Now, the world would be less poluted, but can you imagine the anachy created? I'm not much of a society follower, but the truth is that without rules, without law, we would kill each other over a piece of meat.

My point is that electricity and technology are truly blessings and we should not abuse them because as we all know, when you over-use something, even if its purpose is a good one, it becomes a drug to you which eventually will get you killed.

I dare you to live 3 days without using any kind of technology, electricity. Use candles instead of lamps. Keep your food out of the refrigerator. Wash yourself with "hand-made" boiled water. Don't use of phone, laptop and so on. If you think living without social media would be hard, unusual, try living without electricity :)

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  1. My and my husband often joked when we watched medieval kind of movies when their fun means going to a wide field of grasses, dancing, lying in the grass... My husband would say "if there's DOTA during their time, they wouldn't be out there fooling with the grasses"... And imagine watching those movies missing their loved ones who's just an ocean apart because there's no phone they have to write a letter that takes more than months to be delivered... I guess we're just so blessed to be in this generation. But in everything, there's always a downside.. that's just how life works =)

    JL Arnaiz

  2. Finally a post :) yes, technology is very important nowadays and I could not imagine life without it. However, it shouldn't be such an important part of our lives, like seriously, people tend to spend more time with their phones and laptops than with each other, creating a gap. on the other hand, there's the pollution you metioned, which is another great problem of our world. we can't and won't stop using technology in our everyday lives, but we can, however, start to reduce, reuse and recycle. this is a concept everyone must have heard about, but unfortunately few actually apply it in their lives. nice post, missed your blog. Kisses, Alina.:*