joi, 5 iunie 2014

Fuck you, class of 2015!

So, if everything goes well, I'll graduate highschool next year. In my country, there is this tradition, to hold a party similar to the american proms. However, these parties are reaaaally expensive and my school has this stupid tradition on having this 'prom' night every year at the most expensive hotel in town. Honestly, what the fuck?

Anyway, it's not like we are forced to have the party there, but it's a tradition. Yesterday there was this parents' meeting and most of them said they won't pay such a big sum of money for a stupid prom night. Today, we opened the subject in the class, my classmates didn't even want to consider another place where to hold our prom?

Needless to say, I'm not going. Of course, my classmates say I'm a bitch for not going nor paying the teachers' menu, but excuse me if I'm not willing to pay for: a prom which will last for about 5 hours. You pay a sum of about $150 while an average salary in Romania is about $300. You go to this expensive hotel (there is some, as they say 'awesome' room for big parties, but it's not that awesome, really). In that room, there will be around 150-200 people, half of which I don't know because we never talk and another quarter I can't stand seeing. Now tell me, is it worthy?

There are some rich girls in my class for whom going to this prom was a dream ever since they were 10. I don't mean being mean, but if that's your goal in life you should be thrown in a poor village for a month and be fed only with bread and water. See if prom is still your goal in life.

Now, I don't have a problem with the whole idea of having a prom night, although I find it superficial, but people! Consider cheaper places, not every parent can afford giving half of their salaries to their child's prom night. Actually, it's pretty much a salary, maybe even 2, taking in consideration that you need a dress, shoes, make-up and so on.

I'm not much of a party girl, I only go to parties because sometimes I like to act girly but there is a fine line between this and throwing your parents' salaries of your fucking prom night, knowing you're not going to have fun there.

For all these things, and many others for which it would take me a week to write, I say fuck you, class of 2015!

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  1. Wow, $150 is too much indeed for something that's not even a necessity... Stuffs like that actually gives you some sort of fulfillment from all those hard work in school that calls for celebration, but it's not suppose to rip you off. After all, it's a matter of hours, and eating, and probably going to stage for a few minutes, and then go home ... =(

    JL Arnaiz

    1. No, it's not like that. Our 'proms' are something like this: you& another 150-200 people in a room, eventually dancing on music you don't like, or if you're shy, you probably stay at the table the whole night afraid of making a fool of yourself (because you probably do), get so drunk you can't walk and most of all: have things to gossip about another month. And you don't go on stage, because you don't have a stage.. And personally, I don't have reasons to thank my teachers for, as they didn't really help me through highschool (maybe there's a teacher or two, but that's it). So yeah, our proms are held so that you can show off... Sadly...

  2. oh sorry about that, I personally haven't experienced prom my whole life because I was on a girls' high school and when I was on my senior year, there were prom plans with another boys' high school but then our school got caught in a fire we lose our classrooms and we dropped all those plans... So yeah, I was dreaming what could prom be like, but if that would be the expense of my parent's hardwork, then I'd rather not... =)

    JL Arnaiz

  3. come i didn't see this post?! we talked about this if you remember. in my senior year I paid overall (prom, album, clothes for prom, hair&make-up, gifts and so on) like 500-600€. and i'm not exagerating. it's a lot, i know, nut i thought: i'm only a senior once, even tough this isn't such a big deal, when i'll be older, maybe i will regret not going. it's something that somehow marks the end of a period in your life, a celebration. i didnt like the place either, continental is not so great and i don't know what all the fuss is about. there are other places far better but this one is THE PLACE becouse of the tradition. i think you should go, just so you won't say you didn't, it's expensive, but money isn't worth not going, IF this is the reason. if the reason is that you don't like the classmates and think you won't have a good time, then don't go, but think about it so you won't look back with regret :) Alina