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For thousands of years men tried unsuccessfully one thing: to understand women. If I were to define women in a few words I’d say beautiful, mysterious, sensitive and brave. Women are much like mornings; they are lazy, bright, fragile and beautiful; but they’re much like evening, too, as they are rational, brave, unstoppable and most of all, beautiful.

What is beauty really?
A beautiful woman for the realists (19th century) was a well-dresses, elegant, blonde with angelic looks and well-behaved woman.
Meanwhile, for the romantics (also 19th century, I think), a beautiful woman was a sick, pale, dark-haired, silly woman.

From my point of view, beauty just like love and happiness, can’t be defined. Since the beginning of time women worked hard to reach perfection, beauty. And men to understand their journey to perfection. The truth is that women constantly try to impress, to stand out and they are so creative in their journey to idealism that they confuse men.

She is beautiful in her craziness. Her craziness is reflected in her red, long hair.
She loves life, reason why life loves her back and you can see that in her blonde hair.
She is so mysterious you can’t even reach her, you barely get lost in her black, dark hair.
However, she is beautiful. And you should treat her properly.

I think men will never understand women. And that is because our character is so complex in its simplicity. What men CAN do is to learn more and more about us every single day. That is the way to a woman’s heart. Interest. Excitement. Desire.

She is not just a woman. She is a storm with a skin.

This is you reminder: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 
You are beautiful when you solve a problem, when you smoke your cigarette, when you read a book, when you play silly, when you act like a child, you are beautiful in all the things you do. Because what you do and HOW you do it, defines you. 

You can be a brave, boy-ish and still be beautiful. You can be elegant, well-dressed and still be beautiful. You can be crazy, colorful and still be beautiful. 

photo by Mihaela - http://totb.ro/foto-cu-aparatul-de-fotografiat-in-jurul-lumii/



This is your reminder. You are beautiful.

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  1. beautifully written! I loved every single word. if these are all your words, you just created one of the best description of the WOMAN i have ever read. i hope i'll read more posts like this one. great. just great :) (alina)

  2. thank you :*

    besides 'she's a storm with a skin', yes, everything is my creation :D
    this is sort of a late Women's Day post, but hey, women must be complimented (not sure that's the word) every day :)

  3. very well said... Women are really wonderfully complicated... so weak yet so strong... =)

    JL Arnaiz


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