duminică, 30 martie 2014

This is my reminder

For me, tattoos are reminders. I don't just cover my body for the sake of art, I cover it for the sake of the memories.

This is my reminder. There's nothing much to tell about this one, as I pretty much explained it on my previous post. I got this one on the 27th of March (2014,obviously). This whole 'get out of your comfort zone' marked me seriously, as I've been craving to have it tattooed for almost a year. 

This is my reminder. No, it's not about love. It's L from Ludovic, O from Olga, V from Vasile and E from Erika (and Eduard). These are the first letters from my grandparents' and parents' names. Below, I got 'to infinity and beyond'. My grandfather passed away when I was really young, but I had a strong connection with him. Not having my father with me at that time, he used to be like a father for me. I will love them to infinity and beyond. I got this also on the 27 of March.

This is my reminder. I got this on the 19th of August, 2012. This was the result of a serious fight between me and my mother. Well.. Normal 16 year olds go get drunk when they have a fight with their parents. I got a tattoo. However, I don't regret having it because as time passed it got a whole other meaning for me. It represents .. well, my independence, obviously :)) It represents the fact that no matter what I will not depend on the others. I will build my future just as I want it, I take responsability for my actions and in the end I will not regret a thing.

Well, one thing I can tell you: these are not the only tattoos I will die having (unless I die in the next few months). As I said, tattoos are my reminders, and as I want to live my life at its full potential, I will probably have reminders to cover my body with. 

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  1. sa le "porti" cu placere :) ma bucur ca sunt meaningful, nu fara rost. cel mai mult imi place cel de pe ceafa:D kisskiss (alina)

  2. Deci Andreea, postarea asta ii geniala! Raluu ^^

  3. wow, that's a lot of tattoos!

    >3, JL Arnaiz