joi, 20 februarie 2014

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Seeing all these videos makes me want to spread them all around the world. Only if I could.. :)

Here is the English transcription for this video:
Would you give your jacket to Johannes?
What do you do if you see a freezing child?
We put up a hidden camera and placed Johannes at a bus stop in Oslo.
Blonde girl: Don't you have a jacket? Johannes: No, someone stole it.
Blonde girl: Really? Where? Johannes: I`m on a field trip with my class. The teacher told me to meet her here.
Lady: Do you have a phone number for your teacher? Johannes: No.
Lady: If so we could have called her. Johannes: Yes.
Young man: Are you OK? Johannes: No, I'm very cold.
Young man: Are you cold? Johannes: Nods
Lady: I`ll put my scarf around you? Johannes: Yes.
Lady: Here you go, it's nice and warm.
Man in jacket: You must be very cold? Johannes:Yes.
Johannes: Thank you very much!
Girl: Are you cold? Johannes: Yes.
Girl: Here you go. Johannes: Thank you.
Blonde girl: "What school do you go to?"
Johannes: Ramberg Blonde girl: Ramberg?
Johannes: I'm from Moss.
Young man: Put these on. Johannes: Thanks!
Are you a person who would act when you see someone who needs help?
The children in Syria are freezing. Send SOS to 2160 (90 NOK) and give a warm jacket.
SOS MAYDAY is a network of people who ACTS when a crisis occurs.

Ok, so this guy wanted to commit suicide but a stranger convinced him not to. Suicide is a big issue we face, as more and more people are considering it. I think we all have these moments, when we feel like nothing matters anymore but fortunately, not everyone considers suicide at that point. I encourage everyone to help these people, because in my opinion, those who consider commiting suicide just need someone to be there for them and they are afraid of loneliness.

The line from the end melt my heart. Everyone deserves to see the world surrounding them.. It's a beautiful day and some people can't see it.... - I can't find the right code for this video, so I'll just leave you the URL. This isn't so heart-touching, it's more of something beautiful I want to share with you :)

This man, Casey Neistat received $25,000 from 21st Century Fox to spend them on a promotional video under the concept 'live your dreams'. He spent them on supplies for the people from Philippines. As most of you probably know, a few months a go one of the greatest typhoons ever known in human history hit the Philippines. This is the result of what Casey did.

I'll probably be posting more of these videos because as I said, I want to spread them. It's important to let people know of what is going on in the world. Change your words and you may change the world :)