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The Zahir by Paulo Coelho (book review)

Finally, I decided to write a book review in English :) I've done it for an English tutoring class, as I'll be taking the Cambridge CAE exam in 2 months (so nervous!). I hope you won't find it too formal for the blog ^^

 Paulo Coelho is an accomplished writer whose book "The Zahir" may well spark off discussions
about the degree of obsession a man can plunge into.
 The plot is gripping as it revolves around a young married couple that gradually become to drift apart into their own separate worlds. One of the main characters is missing, while her husband is deeply confronted by the thought of his wife having been abducted or merely having run away. The book reaches a breathtaking climax when the man runs into a friend of his wife who eventually tells him where she is hiding. The plot is extremely convincing, as it successfully portrays the lack of clear vision one reaches if clinging to a destructive obsession.
 The chapters are more uplifting particularly because it is not a dull read and perhaps because of its continuous adventures which can be seen throughout the plot. It also objectively presents the life of the homeless who live on the streets by choice.
 It is well worth reading for it is a masterpiece of its kind and offers a wealth of thought-provoking reading that will definitely leave the reader in awe.

* "Zahir" is an object or a person which once you touch or see, will never forget and might get obsessed with.

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  1. sounds interesting... haven't read books for a long time now =(

    JL Arnaiz