miercuri, 4 decembrie 2013


  I have this friend who is in a really bad situation. She had to deal with a lot of things and most of us probably couldn't have successfully dealt with them. Let things go and just move on... It's really something to admire. Now, I won't tell what she's gone through because I think that's her privacy and I'd like to respect that. However, trust me, she's been through A LOT. Too much for a girl at her age, I'd say..

  So, as she's a really close friend of mine, we were done with school, just about to go home. She asked me if I would like to go to eat something downtown and I told her that I was saving money to possibly buy a book. Eventually, I refused her invitation. She's the type of person that doesn't have money. She's always saving for something big and she doesn't just spend money on this and that. Even though she knew I had money with me, she proposed to pay for my hamburger. You know.. the thing is that she actually shared with me the little she had!
She is usually thought to be a mean person.. She kinda' is.. But I think that this "meanness" is a shield of protection.. I don't know.. Once you get to know her, she's soo amazing, you'd be surprised :)

  My point is that maybe the people who have less, share more.. You should not criticize by the appearance, personal budget and so on. You may not know what someone went through and you just go criticize them. THIS is mean..

  Another thing I'd like to share with you is the story of a girl, who too, had gone through a lot. http://voxhumana.com/featured/angellera/ this is the link to the website where you can find an article telling her story.

  It's useless for me to tell you to go and volunteer to help, or just help because in the end, it's none of my business. The thing is that when you do something good, you feel fulfilled. It's a great feeling which you can't have otherwise. At least, I haven't had it. Also, you shouldn't expect to get something back because in the end, when you give love to the world, the world will give you love. Don't expect it. If you deserve it, it will come :)


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  1. we all have stories to tell, different struggles to take, and I read that link you wrote there and it makes me sad how her life went through. They said life is what you make it, but sometimes, we just can't have things the way we want them to be.. I'm so sad for that person on that link but I also know that she's a very strong woman who never gives up and learns to fight every emotional battle in her life and I admire her for that

  2. nice article. i'm glad that you still find time to post on your blog :) you made me curious about this girl and her story. and you're right..we usually judge by one's appearance, wealth and all these not so meaningful things, when we should actually search for their true colors (in a good way) and look beneath these superficial aspects. kisses, Alina.