luni, 16 decembrie 2013

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I've been really into these social projects lately. Videos get viral really fast, but most of them have useless content. The projects I'll share with you are that sort of projects that make you want to be part of something like that. I know that I could do this for the rest of my life, and live a happy life :)
This website is in Romanian. This particular project has been made by this man, James Mollison, a photographer who took pictures of children and their bedrooms. It is pretty disturbing to see in what conditions some children have to live, while others are spoiled to the sky and back.

This, as I understood, is a fashion designer who wanted to make a little difference, to make people realize that there are people with serious disorders. It made me cry, the first time I watched it.

This is about carefreeness. A few people who have cancer had their make-up and hair done. They had their eyes shut and they couldn't recognize themselves when they looked in the mirror. The happiness can be read in their eyes, as a photographer captured the moment they opened their eyes. That, that happiness is priceless!

This guy's name is Vlad Coste and he has this little project 'Cred in schimbare' which means ' I believe in changes'. In this video, he's saying that he won a $250 prize and with that money he bought 6 pizzas for homeless people. At minute 2 the homeless man gets a cat out of his jacket. He calls the cat his baby. He also says that he lives on the street since 1985 with his wife. (That's just sad..) At the end of the video, Vlad meets this man whose name is Ioan Coste, which is the name of Vlad's father. How awesome is THAT?

I would like to make a sort of series with these videos because as I said, these are the ones that should be viral. I don't like "begging" but please share if not my post, then at least one of these videos. Get the word out there and try to make a difference.

I've been busy with a few projects so I'm not able to write as much as I'd like. Today, for example, I tried to get some signatures to be able to go raise some money for an orphanage and guess what? The owner of the orphanage sent me to the (I'm not sure if this is the translation) County Child-care something, which is something big, almonst as important as the town hall. Aparently, they couldn't give us the document we need to raise the money, and they sent us to our school's principal. We'll see tomorrow if we can make him guarantee for us, but I honestly have a bad feeling about it. However, I got involved in 2 other projects with one of my teachers. For the first project, we'll go to a center to play and help (as much as we can) some children with severe disorders (such as Down Syndrome, etc.). For the second one, we'll go to a school from  some forgotten-by-the-world-village. To get to school, the children from that village have to go through a forest and pass a river. It's.. sad.

Anyway, my point is that sharing these might change some people's way of thinking. One man can change the world. I believe in changes. (when I'm not depressed, haha)



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  1. amazing. this is my favorite article on your blog so far. I am literally speechless. good luck with your projects :) try getting involved in a project at "Azilul de batrani". I was there 2 times in my senior year and several times during elementary and secondary school. i almost cried when i saw how sad and lonely they are. with the elderly is different. knowing that you reached old age and your kids and loved ones that you once took care of left you in an old people's house is depressing. i can't describe how much it meant to them that we went there and talked to them. when i saw the smile on their faces i felt so much joy!!
    I am happy you engage in voluntary work and projects. you'll see how much this will pay off :) happiness comes from making others happy and helping those in need :)
    kisses, Alina.

    1. Thanks Alina >:D<
      Where's the asylum? The thing is that you probably got emotional with the elderly because of the powerful bond between you and your mother :D I get emotional with children.. You know, the truth is that they.. we.. are the future.. seeing them left by themselves in this world.. mothers throwing their children in conteiners (not sure if that's the word) I'm both disgusted of the human race but it also makes me cry.. Nobody deserves that!

      Anyway, sharing is caring so it would be nice if you could get the word out there :D