duminică, 17 noiembrie 2013

Getting proactive

  You know how they say, 'do what you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life'. Or something like that, anyway. Well, true that! People are really into this thing, working for a boss and so on. I heard many people saying not everyone can work for himself, be his own boss. That's a statement I completely disagree. I think we can all do that. We can do what we want and not be hired for that.
  I agree to the fact that at some point you will have to work with people, yes. Even a photographer who has his own studio has to work with people. Even if you're the boss of some big company, you have to work with people, as you need employees. Working WITH people isn't really avoidable. However, working FOR people, I truly believe it it :) 

  However, my post shouldn't be about this, maybe I will write another one more detailed. This post is about me, about what I accomplished lately. And I can only describe that through pictures.

my first make-up during the course. first&hardest so far :) (hard because she has small eyes)

overall, I think it looks pretty awesome :)

in action, haha

one of the best I did so far, in my opinion :)

glitter&false lashes :)

I love this one, too.

this looks way better live than in photos :D

smokey eyes. and yes, one is purple and one is black. we had to do a black smokey and a colored smokey :) however, in photos I prefer the black one, but in real life, the purple was better :)

And this is pretty much it with the make-up. 

Last night. Some friend's 18th birthday :)


:):) >:D<

I'm thinking about starting a YouTube make-up channel. What do you think?

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  1. wow! you're taking your passion to a different level, congratulations! I think it would be awesome for you to start a video on those stuffs, and probably make a collage photo for "before and after" looks!

  2. you are getting better with every single make-up :) you looked lovely at joszi's b-day party :) i would be your first subscriber if you started a youtube make-up vlog :) well done so far and good luck from now on :) kisses :** (Alina)