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Your school grades don't reflect your inteligence

 Now, if you live in Romania or you are any familiar with the Romanian school system, then you know that it’s wrong. You know, they keep changing the Education Minister, and every one comes with his new childhood dream ideas, so they keep changing the system. If only they would improve it. Not to mention that all of this messes up the students. 48% of the graduating students didn’t pass the Baccalaureate. No Baccalaureate, no chance for a good career.
 Honestly, I can’t see how this is our fault. As I am a student, I can tell you that school taught me nothing. I do believe every school system has its issues, as we, the Romanians wish we had a school system as Americans, and I’m sure that American students find things they consider wrong in their system and wish for something else, if that makes any sense. But let‘s stop and look at the facts for a second. In the last 10 years, the system has changed at least 4 times. Not to mention the courses we take (as we don’t have the chance to choose what to learn and what not to, there’s this program for each profile), but the fucking Baccalaureate changed radically. A few years ago, if you were at a Philology profile for example, you would have exams at Romanian (which mostly includes literature and grammar), history (only questions about the history of Romania) and one subject where you could choose out of 4 or 5 courses, and if you didn’t like any of those you could just have an exam at sport.
 Now, we don’t have the sport option. What our great minister decided for the students who are now in 9th grade is to have an exam out of 5 subjects!! I can’t see how that is humanly possible. If you have an exam with questions in more than 5 courses (at the Philology profile, the third exam will be out of geography, psychology, economics, logics, philosophy AND sociology) you don’t even know how the fuck to answer. What, is it a geography or economics question? There are things with economical reference in geography. No, no, sorry, WE have things with economical reference in geography.
 Let me explain you what a school day looks like for me: I get to school at 7.50. The class is supposed to begin at 8, but the teacher comes in at around 8.10. Depending on what class we have, he or she probably starts teaching at 8.35 and starts complaining about the fact that time goes by at 8.40. We have the first break from 8.50 to 9. This was the first course. But hold tight, the next ones aren’t much different. This is what happens at EVERY course. Now you have the nerv to ask me why I didn’t pass my Baccalaureate, Mrs. History Teacher? Why didn’t you ask yourself the same thing when you were complaining about how time goes by and what a low salary you have? Don’t get me wrong, I do know that it’s a shitty salary, but you had the right to choose what to do. Nobody forced you to become a teacher so suck it up J
As this post can go on and on forever, I will end it by saying what the title actually means. Many stupid people in our “beautiful” country have the gut to tell us that we are stupid because we get low grades. WHAT? How idiot you have to be to ask such question? School grades don’t reflect even 10% of your intelligence. School doesn’t prepare you for life. School prepares you to follow a system, and get comfortable with having told what to do and what not to do. For example, at the Romanian course, we have to write these opinion essays. The task goes like “Express your opinion about *some shitty poem* in 350 words”. What they actually mean is “Write *some shitty well-known poem critic’s* opinion about the poem*”. There’s nothing creative in our system. And this is what school should be about. Learn to be creative, get to know yourself and discover what you want to do. In my case, school taught me what I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be a teacher and I swear if I have the chance to home-school my future children, I will.
 The last thing I want to say is an incident that happened 2 or 3 years ago. Our president (I don’t want to judge him) said at a public conference that my generation is a generation that will end up with careers like prostitutes in Italy and beggars in Spain. Excuse me, but how do you have the nerv to say that? After all the wrong things in this country, you come and say that it’s practically our fault and we are the ones who won’t learn?
 And, after all, they come asking why 80% of the students who actually pass the Baccalaureate go study abroad, and other 70% of the 52% who didn’t pass, will also go abroad to work in some shitty factory. Because let me tell you, if you go to work in some factory in Germany you will probably have a salary of 1200 euros, while in Romanian you don’t have half of that salary being a teacher. Not even a university teacher. Now please, I invite you to ask me why will I leave you alone. There is NO future for this country. I do believe in change, but it’s only possible when both sides want it.

 Now, to all my Romanian readers, if you got to this point of my post, it means you didn’t get bored so far and you probably agree with me, so here’s an inspiring letter:

 Hey, human who wrote this letter! You earned my respect :)
 He, or she, end this letter by saying “We, the generation of drug addicts, as you label us, we will show you that we have more courage than all your communist generations in one place! We represent the force, as we are the FUTURE and you’re nothing but some poor people who will die and be forgotten! YOU are the “black period” of this country and this is how you will be remembered, and we, we are the first! The first who come against you!”

 At one point he, or she, also says that “You will be left alone in this country, as we will all leave”. Whoever wrote this letter is a genius, and if you don't speak Romanian google translate it. It's worth it :)

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  1. I dont understand the education system in your country but im pretty sure it works the same here in the philippines. at some point here in my country, if you have high grades when you graduate, you have bigger chances to work in big companies because they only accept honor graduate applicants, but in the end, it all boils down to your preposition in life... I myself graduated as an engineer but now i worked in the hospitality industry because i dont like working in factories... wayback college, I failed in 1 subject and have to take it again, while few of my other subjects are just on the edge of passing grades, but i bet if those grades are higher and if i didnt fail at all, i will still end up to this industry what work for today because this is what i want... my husband, take for example, is a graduate of education major in english, but he works in an airline industry in the accounting department... what im trying to say is, it's good to have high grades because we don't know what opportunities will be presented to us in the future, but having high grades doesn't necessarily mean you will have a better future than those who have lower grades...

    JL Arnaiz

    1. Well, in our case if you don't go abroad your high grades are for nothing. However, this wasn't my point. My point was that you can have high grades if you got them by cheating. As I want to go abroad, my final score can't be under 8, as in my country we are graded from 1 to 10 (10 being the best). But besides that, it doesn't really matter what grades we have :)

  2. well, that is true. let's make a Strike! let the world know that they are only some old men that will be forgotten by history. that they'll be buried alive by the truth. Rise against them. ! ! ! Stand up for your rights, people! Don't bow before them!