miercuri, 4 septembrie 2013


   There's this moment in our lives when we start getting money. As time passes we need more and more and at one point we realize we'd do anything for them. I think that's when we stop spreading them on any useless thing. That's when we start to appreciate them.
   I think that once we start working, once we start making money, we never stop. We become so addicted to money that we never stop making them.
   Recently, a friend of mine from Pakistan, Rabia, told me about this website, oDesk. It is a website for freelancers, where you can hire someone or get a job. Back then I didn't know what exactly is it to be a freelancer. Rabia explained me that it practically means that you work whenever you want, however you want. There are tons of jobs in anything you're interested in. It doesn't matter if you want to write articles, be a virtual assistant, develop a website or work in photoshop, there are hundreds of jobs that are waiting for you to apply to them. I managed to make some money in a short period of time. I work as a article writer and video editor, but I've had step-by-step photographer job, as well as letter writing and expanding short stories.
   Besides my virtual jobs, I decided with a friend of mine to have this little business. It's all about hand-made stuff, especially bracelets. We decided to start off just in our town, and if everything goes well, we'll expand it to the whole country.

these are a few bracelets I've made .

aand this is something I've been working on today:)

You see, there are soo many ways to make money if you're creative. You can get money out of anything in the world. 

There's this romanian song which has a lyric that says 'It's not the money that make the man, it's the man that makes the money' ( Carla's Dreams - Scrisoare fratelui mai mic )

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  1. money is very important nowadays. unfortunately, without money you don't even have access to health care, food and other primarily needed stuff. (one liiiittle observation: money is, not money are) i never understood why, but this is how you say it :* great article and I want to see other bracelets you make. keep up the good work. kisses, Alina.

    1. yes, unfortunately you are right..
      and thanks for the observation, I appreciate it. now I know not to do the same mistake again !


  2. ive heard about odesk as well, but they said the process is quite complicated, and it really is not a stable job. Sometimes, you reach the point of wanting a stable job when you have your own family, and your lifestyle is beyond being a student or a teenager. But I guess it's a good start for you, and the accessories business, it's really a good start of earning money, wish you all the luck!

    - JL Arnaiz

    1. I didn't find anything complicated about oDesk, honestly :) Of course, if you have a family and so on, it can't necessarily be a full time job, because you have to constantly apply to jobs in order to get one, and that one might be just an article, for which you'll get $5 and then it's over. But once you build a good profile , people will start hiring you and ask you for interviews, and so on. It's the best thing that happened to me so far, regarding to work and stuff like that :) I think that if you have time, it's a good thing to do in your free time. You get to make some money in a short period of time :)