joi, 12 septembrie 2013

The little things

   There's a quote which says ' Day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything's different '. You know, the biggest accomplishments are made out of little things. You don't even know at the moment how much something will affect you.
   I was thinking about this summer lately. It's the first time when I can proudly say that I didn't waste it. It's the first time when I can say that I see a difference looking at the way I was at the beginning of the summer and the way I am now. So many things have changed this summer, and this is exactly what I wanted. This is what I always want. At the beginning of every summer I challenge myself to do something important and I end up doing nothing. I end up being lazy and finding myself at the beginning of another school year. Well, not this summer.
   Through the summer, nothing I did seemed to be important, but now when I look back I'm proud. I got out of my comfort zone. If people will ask me ' What did you do this summer? ' I won't have to say ' Eh, just wasted time around. '.
   Anyway, as the title is 'The little things', I will try to be more specific. You know, every little thing you do can lead to some amazing accomplishments.
   This July, I went out with my GROW project trainer, Rabia, and a classmate of mine, Georgi. As we were talking, I asked Rabia what does it mean to be a freelancer and how would people find her. I was pretty embarassed to ask her, as I assumed to be the only one in the room who didn't know what it means to be a freelancer. Now that I look back I realize that if I wouldn't have asked her, I never would have find out about oDesk. If I never would have found out about oDesk, I wouldn't have earned $100 this summer. Now I can finally afford the make-up course I kept dreaming about for 2 or 3 years. Maybe something will come up and I will use the money for something else, but so far, that's my plan. Maybe I will become a really good make-up artist, maybe I will fail, nobody knows, but a thing is certain. If I wouldn't have asked Rabia what does it mean to be a freelancer, I wouldn't have planned to sign up for the course now.
   My point is that we are given some amazing opportunities everyday without even noticing it. It's up to us if we open or not our eyes to see them, to embrace them.

   In three days, I'm going back to school and this is the first time when I wish summer was longer.

What do you want to do before you die?


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  1. finally a new post. and a great one. glad to hear you had a great summer and you found things that you enjoy doing. good luck with the make-up course.
    can't wait to meet up on Monday :) kisses, alina.

  2. im happy for you... indeed time flies so fast when you spend it with something that you are really interested with... =)