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Back in time

 As usually, I met my friend A on the bus. Every morning we used to go to school together. We had a larger group, but we didn’t really care about the rest. She was my best friend. She still is one of my best friends. That morning was the first time I noticed him. A knew him, he was her neighbor. He was 5 years older than me. I wanted to personally meet him. A and C(him) weren’t friends , they barely talked when necessary .
 One day I went out with two of my friends, Andrea and Christine. They both knew him very well, but Andrea was one of his best friends. As she noticed I was blushing when he was the subject of our conversation, she asked me what was going on. Then I told her that I like him. Of course, back then I didn’t even know what a relationship was about. I was eleven years old. He was my first crush. 
 Andrea gave me his Yahoo! Messenger ID. We started talking. We used to talk everyday but when we would see each other on the bus we couldn’t talk. One day he told me he wanted to meet me personally. I was too scared to go out with him alone so I asked Andrea to come with us. So she did. We got to know each other and soon we became best friends. I could have told him anything. It was great. We liked the same music, we had a similar character.
 A year and a half later, he asked me out. We went for a long walk and then we sat on the bench in front of my house. He kissed me. I felt as if we were the only people in the world. I really felt like he was the one. But then again, I was twelve years old and he was my first crush.
 Three days later I went out at 2 A.M to meet him. My parents didn’t know but it seemed so normal to me. Like there wasn’t nothing wrong with a twelve year old girl going out at 2 A.M with a 17 years old boy. I got back at 5.55 A.M, five minutes before my parents alarm clock started to ring. An hour later I was still up thinking about him.
 Unfortunately, a week later C told me that he couldn’t see me anymore, that it was a mistake taking in consideration my age and that we should stay friends. I was devastated but we stayed friends. We didn’t see each other everyday, but we kept going out. We were never alone. He always asked someone to come with us. Usually, that someone was either Andrea, either Christine.
 We kept being friends for a few years, until I turned fifteen and I got into a relationship with a boy, A. We dated for seven months, until my parents stopped letting me see him anymore because of my situation at school. I started being a mean girl. I skipped classes, I had bad grades and respond to my teachers in an inappropriate way. He didn’t seem to care, though. I was broken-hearted.
 After A and I broke up, I started going out with C again. I found the friend I lost a while ago. Once again, we became best friends and we were going out almost every day, until one day, when he became distant. He never told me why.
 In the night between 2011 and 2012 we met at a New Years Eve party. We danced and had a good time. It was 12 o’clock and we went to see the fireworks. When we got back, I wanted to smoke a cigarette. He kept pushing me into kissing him. He pretended that he wanted to teach me how to smoke. I pushed him away, I could see that he was drunk. He kept trying to kiss me. I wouldn’t let him so he took my face in his hands and kissed me. I melt. I responded to his kiss and every memory with him came back, all at once.  But I knew I would regret it so I went back in. We didn’t talk for a week and then he texted me that he was sorry for behaving like that and he hoped we could be friends. And so we were. We started going out again and I was starting to fall for him.
 At the end of March 2012 we went camping with some friends, I started dating one of his best friends, P. It wasn’t for long, though. When C got back home he couldn’t believe it. His cousin told me he was into me and he won’t talk to P anymore. P and I broke up about a week later. I didn’t have any feelings for him, anyway. I was in love with C.
 We started going out regularly again, we went to a music festival in other city and he hold me in his arms all the way home on the train. I told him I had feelings for him but he refused me. I was on the verge of giving up when..
 In October I participated to this project, OpenEd and I went out with some of the participants. As I started talking to this girl from my school, she convinced me not to give up on him. I don't know how. 
 On the 19th of October 2012 we went downtown for some clubbing. As we were wondering around the town, we got into this club, Flex. I promised myself that if he won’t show me any sign that night that he wants to be with me, I’ll stop. And I was on the verge to, until he came back from the bathroom, looked into my eyes and kissed me. I was expecting a ‘I made a mistake, we should stay friends‘ text message in the morning but instead of that I got a ‘ ‘Morning sunshine ‘ message. Only then that we were in a relationship.
 Weeks passed and he surprised in with a gift at Christmas. We couldn’t see each other because he had to work but when he went home he stopped by and left a gift hanging at my door. He called me and asked me if Santa visited me and I told him that he hasn’t. He told me to go and check and there it was. A beautiful toy and a chocolate. I was so happy. I never had such a great, caring boyfriend.
 One day we went out and he bought lighters. I was so glad, I never tried to fly a lighter. It was around 11 P.M when we lighted them and I was scared that the neighbors would call the firemen thinking there’s a fire.  It was just us and the night. The lighters flew away in the sky. It was so beautiful.
C was so kind with me all the time, he’s everything I could’ve imagined and even more. We had our issues, though. I have an awful personality, I am jealous and possessive. I knew I could trust him but I had my limits.
Personally, I still have trust issues because I’ve been hurt too many times and I can’t be a hundred percent secure about anyone.
 It’s something about him that makes me feel special. We’ve been dating for 11 months now and even though it still comes hard for me to tell him I love him, I do. I’m head over heels in love with him. I’m in love with him for the person he is, for what he does and for whom I am when I’m with him.
 The best thing about us is that we are best friends. You know, we can talk about absolutely anything.
When we used to talk 6 years ago, I used to save every conversation I had with him on messenger.  
 Also, it’s funny that I remember every single chat we ever had. I remember what he told me the first time we talked, I remember what he told me that night in Flex, I remember everything.
 It's funny that through these 6 years, everytime I was in a relationship, C and I wouldn't talk.
 It's funny that my brother loves him more that he loves me.
 It's funny that everytime I used to date someone, that someone would tell me "This guy likes you. You can see that by the way he looks at you", and I would always say that it's not possible.
 It's funny that I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not when I'm with him. I can be foolish, childish, bitchy, I can be who I am.
 It's funny that he's the only person on whom I never gave up.
 It's funny that even if I spend the whole day with him, I miss him the second he leaves.
 It's funny that he loves me.

 It's funny that six years ago I thought that he was the one for me, and so I do now. 
 If I’d participate to “Do you want to be a millionaire?” and my question would be “Do you see yourself with C 10 years from now?”, I’d say hell yes.

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  1. I love you! I got nothing more to say! >:D<

  2. awww!! I LOVE THIS POST!!! such a cute story :) I'm happy to see that you are happy and I am going to beat the hell outta you if you keep being jealous for no reason. :)) he's a great guy, he's smart and caring and you sure can trust him. at least this is how it looks from the outside. you are great together and he brings out the best in you :D
    (your writing keeps getting better and better, and i'm not talking about grammar, but about the way you make me keep wanting to read and i feel like i'm part of your stories) :) kisses :D (Alina)

    1. well, you are part of the stories. You're A in this one :D :*

    2. so sweet :D i really enjoyed every word of your story >:D<

    3. thanks :) :* I'm glad to hear that!

  3. 2 thumbs up for your love story! way back 2007, my colleagues asked me about my man and I told them I am sure he is the one that I am going to marry and they laughed because they said I was so young to be so sure of my feelings, turns out their wrong, because I did marry my man by 2012... I know if you both work together in this relationship, you will definitely end up with each other... =)

    1. Thanks for your support! I wish all the best to you and your husband! :)