miercuri, 21 august 2013

When words fail (3)

:)) this is so funny

well , that's the dream ..

this happens to me every year .

at my 18th birthday I want to visit a country I've never visited and jump from a plane with a parachute <3

biggest !

aaaaahhaha , that's what I'm talking 'bout .

The Smurfs 2 is coming soon <3

In future , when I'll have my own house , if I'll have enough money to decorate it as I want , well , it's gonna be freaking awesome . tell me if you'd like to see more home decor inspiration pictures :) 

Gossip Girl .

hhhhhaaaha .

I couldn't help myself when I saw this picture . 

I'm thinking about taking some yoga classes but this picture kind of describes my thoughts on it .

this is so me .

I've never known how to use every dish at a wedding or a formal event where there are more than 2 types of forks , knives and glasses . 

don't try this at home .

if you know what I mean .

:| what's sad is that some girls actually try to look like that ..

damn right it's powerful ! 

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  1. haha :D great pics :D pictures of big beautiful houses and great decorated rooms make me sad for not affording to have my dream house.. or should I say palace? a lot of funny pics :D i would love to jump out of a plane with a parachute and to try new things<3 hope you'll get the chance to accomplish your dreams darling :D kisses :** btw i always wanted to try that "potato thingy" :)) looks great. and the pic with the dog and the person with the cellphone is sad :( (as always, alina) :))

    1. well , as you're a 9gag addict , you have probably already seen all the 'funny pics' , but still :)) thanks for constantly following and commenting my blog , it means a lot to me :*

    2. gosh:)) i jumped from one thing to another like crazy :)) i tried to cover all pics in one comment and it didn't work so well.

    3. wow :)) you were quick :)) stop thanking me :)) doara nu sap la camp, ii ceva placut :D i like your blog :D

  2. well, we all need a dose of laugh every now and then... awesome photos!