vineri, 23 august 2013


   I always wanted to write about this subject but I decided not to because I don't want to offend anyone , any religion and so on . Until now .
   Maybe it's just me to think that but I realized that many times we find ourselves in desperate situations , we pray . We usually forget about God , but when a negative life-changing situation pops up , we go back to God . I mean , the only time we pray or talk to him , is when we need something . Some people are just like that , and still have the nerve to say that they are faithful .
  I'm saying this because I am just the same . Unfortunately . When I find myself in a desperate situation , I pray to God ... and I know many people who are just the same .
  I think that nowadays , religion and God are just a shoulder to cry on . You know , when people can't get any help from other sources , they turn back to religion . Religion is like a cheap place where you can go when you can't afford an All-Inclusive holiday .
  Now , with the risk of burning in hell , I can sincerely say that I don't believe in religion . Religion is leaded by people , and people are evil . Just look back in time , almost every great war has began because of religion issues . Now , people are more open-minded and in one hand , I think it's a good thing that they got away from religion . On the other hand , it's bad , because once they got away from religion , they got away from any God they used to believe in . And like I said , they turn back to religion and God just when they find themselves in some situations .
  Don't get wrong , even if I don't believe in religion , that doesn't mean I don't believe in God . Maybe not exactly God , but some higher existence . Maybe it's because of the age , I'm being influenced by anything I see and hear . It's hard to believe in God when you see all the technology , not to mention all the pain in the world . For example , everytime you turn on your TV , you probably hear about a 7 year old girl raped or murdered . What did she do wrong to deserve that ?
  I honestly don't intend to influence you in any way . I think that information is power . And you should get informed before claiming that you believe in something . When I was little I used to go regularly to church because I mostly grew up with my grandmother , as my parents worked a lot , and she was , and still is , really faithful . In the hardest times , she kept her faith and she did pretty well in life . I really admire her because even though she does believe in religion and in God , she's opened to other faiths .
  A friend of mine once told me that even if most churches are built up by people with the wrong intentions , there must be a good one . And he won't stop until he finds that one . Now , that's true faith , in my opinion . I'm negativist , so I couldn't be like him . But sometimes , I wish I was .
  There's one religion , a teacher of mine told us about , which sounds really interesting . Now , the people who have that faith , straighten away from everything . This , on one hand , is wonderful , because if you do that you won't get hurt by anything . But on the other hand , once you deconnect yourself from the others , you won't feel any joy in your life . It practically means that you don't care about anything and anyone . But not like ' ok , from tomorrow on , I won't care about my ex anymore ' . It's a really high spiritual point which needs practice and in my opinion , a lot of courage . I'm not sure and I don't want to lie , but I THINK it's buddhism .
  My advice would be ( but again , I really don't want to influence anyone ) to read . Get informed . Nobody says you can't have more than one faith . Nobody says that you can't take something from one religion , something from other religion and make your own faith . For example , I can't say that I truly believe in the God that Christian religions present , but I do believe in a higher existence . Besides that , I believe in karma . Maybe not exactly 'karma' but the principles of karma . I believe in the power of the mind . I believe that if you wish for something and focus on that wish , it will eventually happen . I'm still reading and looking for answers and I think that our real meaning in life is not to get to know ourselves but to find a purpose . To find something to believe in and to believe in it . Not just when we need something but all the time .
I hope I didn't offend anyone with this post . It just felt the right time to write it .

Whatever God you believe in , we come from the same one . (Macklemore) 

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  1. Religia si credinta sunt 2 lucruri diferite, dar congruente. poti sa fii religios si sa nu ai credinta sau poti sa crezi in ceva, dar sa nu apartii unei religii.
    + multe religii te inseamna sa nu te imbuibi sau sa iei/ai mai mult decat iti e necesar. unele religii exagereaza cu tehnologia si cu tot valul asta de 'new age', vorba americanilor, pentru a atrage tineri, oameni noi in cultul lor (parere pur personala). mai unpic si o sa fie pus semnul de wi-fi pe usa bisericii.... :))

    Nu crede ce zic altii, observa ce fac altii. nu accepta tot ce ti se pune pe tava, cauta, cunoaste, afla inainte. (cum ziceai si tu!)


    1. o să fiu naşpa acuma : primii care o să-şi pună 'free wi-fi' pe uşa bisericii o să fie pocăiţii ! dacă nu au deja .. :|
      P.S ce ai scris tu 'nu crede ce zic alti ...' sună atât de Carla's Dreamns :P

  2. every religion worship this "higher entity", christians call them God, others call them "Buddha", while some worship the "Sun", unless you're a confucius follower or "ahura mazda" practitioner.. but all the same principle for the common good... so you're right, it's all about faith and what you believe in... I also suggest you try reading the book "The Secret"... you will get a whole lot of things in that book that I think would definitely suit your personality

    1. I've heard about 'The Secret' from many people . I wanted to read it but I'm afraid it will mess me up completely . Probably , I will read it , though :)

  3. great subject for a post. of course, people have different opinions. i do believe in God, lately i'm more faithful than ever, but i'm not a very religious person. i believe that one can love God and be a good person even though one isn't a part of a particular cult or religion. nobody knows which religion is "The best one". i really think people should stop arguing about "my religion is better. no mine is". if you go to church but then when you get home you swear, you beat animals and you hurt people, all that "going to church" is in vain. unfortunately this is what most of people do and they call themselves 'saints' (alina)