joi, 1 august 2013

Drag me out of my comfort zone (+Global Village)

 Today a friend of mine , Iga , posted this on facebook : "God , please drag me out of my comfort zone " .
 I think that great things only happen out of our comfort zone . You know , 'if it doesn't challenge you , it won't change you ' .
 I always used to pracrastinate , I've always said ' I'll do it tomorrow ' and so on and now I'm looking back at my life so far and there's nothing special . Nothing I can be really proud of . I didn't turn my dreams into plans . I'm lucky I realized I have to get out of my comfort zone this summer . This is the first time I can say that this summer wasn't wasted .
 As an update of what I've been doing , I participated to a Global Village . I had to represent India . We had 10 countries and a girl/boy from each country . The Global Village was organized by AIESEC . The greatest thing about AIESEC is that you get to know a lot of people (not necessarily from your country) and you have some opportunities you wouldn't otherwise . I , for example , have friends from more than 5 countries : Indonesia , India , Pakistan , Hungary , Vietnam ,China , Brazil and so on .

This is Saaketh from India . 1st place ! 

Hand painting . I can honestly tell you that I suck at drawing . I was born to admire it , not to do it . This time I got out of my comfort zone and I made it ! This might sound selfish but I'm soo proud of myself !

Stella from Hong Kong 

The girls from our team .

Team India ! I love these guys <3

Indian food

Can you believe these are cookies with eatable silver ? I ate almost the whole box , they're pretty much the best thing I've ever eaten !!!!

Hand painting made by me . + names written in Hindi & Telegu 

Saaketh and I . again :)

Eduardo from Brazil 

Soo , this is pretty much the reason why I wasn't able to blog so often these days . I'm being socially active , haha . Today I'll be leaving to Maramures so I'll probably write about it on Monday . 

Keep calm & get out of your comfort zone ! 

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  1. That's a great activity you're into right now... i hope you enjoy doing those stuffs... and it's true, getting out of your comfort zone changes one self, it is like a make or break thing, so one have to be strong once he/ she steps outside the comfort zone

    1. I think the hardest moment is the moment you step out of your comfort zone , but then , when you're out and you find yourself .. well , that's something I'd die for . It sounds like the best thing in life . You know , we always try to get to know ourselves , to improve ourselves but we never actually do something about it . Getting out of your comfort zone what we have to do , in my opinion .