luni, 26 august 2013

Chictopia redeemed necklace

This post will be about my first redeemed object , which is this gorgeous necklace . 

   In the last few weeks I've been going through the unredeemed objects , as I just found out about them from a friend of mine , Alina . As I've been going through them I kept looking for something redeemable not only in US and Canada , but everything was too 'expensive' . As I didn't have more than around 5000 Chictopia points , I couldn't go nuts and redeem any 4700 points cute ring . 
   A few days later , I discovered this gorgeous necklace and the redeem bow was right there , waiting for me to push it . It took me kind of many points , as it was 3800 but it was worthy . 
   Today , after 2 or 3 weeks since I redeemed it , I received it in my mail box . It so made my day , especially 'cause when I looked at its package , it was written the 'Stella Chan' name , and it said that it came from Hong Kong . The name made my heart jump out of my chest because I actually have a friend in Hong Kong , but I soon realized that her name isn't Chan , it's Chang . 
   Anyway , somehow I'm happy that it was my redeemed object because I'm so in love with it . It is definitely my style . 
   You can purchase the necklace from . They have so many gorgeous clothing objects , and guess what ? You won't believe it . The shipping is free worldwide ! How awesome is that ? I'm thinking of ordering some stuff from their website , as I'm in love with it . Aaaaand , besides the awesome free shipping , they give you 10% discount for any order over $50 . Now how awesome is THAT ? <3

Keep calm & redeem !

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  1. this 'Alina' you are talking about.. she seems really great. like seriously...she might be the greatest person i've ever heard of. but i think she's not very modest... hmm :)) :* kisses (alina) :)))

    1. usually she's a crazy bitch but she has her moments :)))) kidding .
      P.S. sorry for my late answer ! :*

    2. that's ok hon :):** kidding my ass =)))

  2. great necklace... im watching out for some really good stuffs in the "unredeemed" section as well and is waiting for that perfect stuff for me!

    - JL Arnaiz