marți, 13 august 2013

Around the world and back

  If you know me , you know I love to travel . In this post , I'm not sure if I want to show you some of the places I want to visit or just show my respect for their beauty . Honestly , every country has its own beauty . There are a few which are more advertised , that's why we dream of visiting them . But if every country would be equally advertised , we couldn't choose which to visit .

Bali , Indonesia

Lake Baikal , Russia

Yucatan , Mexico

New Zealand

Papua New Guinea 



Edinburgh , Scotland

Helsinki , Finland
Isla Bocaray , Philippines

Lake Brienz , Switzerland

Lofoten , Norway

Meteora , Greece

Rajasthan , India

Swat , Pakistan


Venice , Italy

These are a few of the places I really want to visit . I hate the fact that money count so much . The truth is that if you don't have money , you can't travel . Unless , of course , you get a job which involves travelling . But then again , if travelling is your job , you won't do it with pleasure . You will probably get sick of it . 

P.S: You should check out "The Most Amazing All Kind of Picture" Facebook page . They have awesome pictures from all over the world .

8 comentarii:

  1. I hate to disagree, but that's the Ideal Job. and you DO can work and like it... at the same time. you just need to find the job that fits you like a glove!

    BTW, Awesome places..... but, how come you didn't posted some random picture from your own country?


    1. I don't know .. I guess I will make a post focusing on Romania . It didn't seem right to put it all together :D

  2. those are really lovely photos... glad you included philippines... =) love to travel as well but I guess I have to wait for my husband to reach 15 years in the airlines industry before we can get free passes to wherever we want. By then I'll be too old to take photos of myself... hehe...

    JL Arnaiz

    1. you're never too old to take photos of yourself !

  3. take me with you when you go <3 i'd love to visit some places like the ones in the pictures. it's one of the things i want most in life. hope it will come true :( i wanna go placessss :D alina

    1. give me money and I'll take you with me , haha :)))) :* one day .. :D

  4. yeah...i'll sell a kidney, than we can go =))