luni, 26 august 2013

Chictopia redeemed necklace

This post will be about my first redeemed object , which is this gorgeous necklace . 

   In the last few weeks I've been going through the unredeemed objects , as I just found out about them from a friend of mine , Alina . As I've been going through them I kept looking for something redeemable not only in US and Canada , but everything was too 'expensive' . As I didn't have more than around 5000 Chictopia points , I couldn't go nuts and redeem any 4700 points cute ring . 
   A few days later , I discovered this gorgeous necklace and the redeem bow was right there , waiting for me to push it . It took me kind of many points , as it was 3800 but it was worthy . 
   Today , after 2 or 3 weeks since I redeemed it , I received it in my mail box . It so made my day , especially 'cause when I looked at its package , it was written the 'Stella Chan' name , and it said that it came from Hong Kong . The name made my heart jump out of my chest because I actually have a friend in Hong Kong , but I soon realized that her name isn't Chan , it's Chang . 
   Anyway , somehow I'm happy that it was my redeemed object because I'm so in love with it . It is definitely my style . 
   You can purchase the necklace from . They have so many gorgeous clothing objects , and guess what ? You won't believe it . The shipping is free worldwide ! How awesome is that ? I'm thinking of ordering some stuff from their website , as I'm in love with it . Aaaaand , besides the awesome free shipping , they give you 10% discount for any order over $50 . Now how awesome is THAT ? <3

Keep calm & redeem !

vineri, 23 august 2013


   I always wanted to write about this subject but I decided not to because I don't want to offend anyone , any religion and so on . Until now .
   Maybe it's just me to think that but I realized that many times we find ourselves in desperate situations , we pray . We usually forget about God , but when a negative life-changing situation pops up , we go back to God . I mean , the only time we pray or talk to him , is when we need something . Some people are just like that , and still have the nerve to say that they are faithful .
  I'm saying this because I am just the same . Unfortunately . When I find myself in a desperate situation , I pray to God ... and I know many people who are just the same .
  I think that nowadays , religion and God are just a shoulder to cry on . You know , when people can't get any help from other sources , they turn back to religion . Religion is like a cheap place where you can go when you can't afford an All-Inclusive holiday .
  Now , with the risk of burning in hell , I can sincerely say that I don't believe in religion . Religion is leaded by people , and people are evil . Just look back in time , almost every great war has began because of religion issues . Now , people are more open-minded and in one hand , I think it's a good thing that they got away from religion . On the other hand , it's bad , because once they got away from religion , they got away from any God they used to believe in . And like I said , they turn back to religion and God just when they find themselves in some situations .
  Don't get wrong , even if I don't believe in religion , that doesn't mean I don't believe in God . Maybe not exactly God , but some higher existence . Maybe it's because of the age , I'm being influenced by anything I see and hear . It's hard to believe in God when you see all the technology , not to mention all the pain in the world . For example , everytime you turn on your TV , you probably hear about a 7 year old girl raped or murdered . What did she do wrong to deserve that ?
  I honestly don't intend to influence you in any way . I think that information is power . And you should get informed before claiming that you believe in something . When I was little I used to go regularly to church because I mostly grew up with my grandmother , as my parents worked a lot , and she was , and still is , really faithful . In the hardest times , she kept her faith and she did pretty well in life . I really admire her because even though she does believe in religion and in God , she's opened to other faiths .
  A friend of mine once told me that even if most churches are built up by people with the wrong intentions , there must be a good one . And he won't stop until he finds that one . Now , that's true faith , in my opinion . I'm negativist , so I couldn't be like him . But sometimes , I wish I was .
  There's one religion , a teacher of mine told us about , which sounds really interesting . Now , the people who have that faith , straighten away from everything . This , on one hand , is wonderful , because if you do that you won't get hurt by anything . But on the other hand , once you deconnect yourself from the others , you won't feel any joy in your life . It practically means that you don't care about anything and anyone . But not like ' ok , from tomorrow on , I won't care about my ex anymore ' . It's a really high spiritual point which needs practice and in my opinion , a lot of courage . I'm not sure and I don't want to lie , but I THINK it's buddhism .
  My advice would be ( but again , I really don't want to influence anyone ) to read . Get informed . Nobody says you can't have more than one faith . Nobody says that you can't take something from one religion , something from other religion and make your own faith . For example , I can't say that I truly believe in the God that Christian religions present , but I do believe in a higher existence . Besides that , I believe in karma . Maybe not exactly 'karma' but the principles of karma . I believe in the power of the mind . I believe that if you wish for something and focus on that wish , it will eventually happen . I'm still reading and looking for answers and I think that our real meaning in life is not to get to know ourselves but to find a purpose . To find something to believe in and to believe in it . Not just when we need something but all the time .
I hope I didn't offend anyone with this post . It just felt the right time to write it .

Whatever God you believe in , we come from the same one . (Macklemore) 

miercuri, 21 august 2013

When words fail (3)

:)) this is so funny

well , that's the dream ..

this happens to me every year .

at my 18th birthday I want to visit a country I've never visited and jump from a plane with a parachute <3

biggest !

aaaaahhaha , that's what I'm talking 'bout .

The Smurfs 2 is coming soon <3

In future , when I'll have my own house , if I'll have enough money to decorate it as I want , well , it's gonna be freaking awesome . tell me if you'd like to see more home decor inspiration pictures :) 

Gossip Girl .

hhhhhaaaha .

I couldn't help myself when I saw this picture . 

I'm thinking about taking some yoga classes but this picture kind of describes my thoughts on it .

this is so me .

I've never known how to use every dish at a wedding or a formal event where there are more than 2 types of forks , knives and glasses . 

don't try this at home .

if you know what I mean .

:| what's sad is that some girls actually try to look like that ..

damn right it's powerful ! 

marți, 13 august 2013

Around the world and back

  If you know me , you know I love to travel . In this post , I'm not sure if I want to show you some of the places I want to visit or just show my respect for their beauty . Honestly , every country has its own beauty . There are a few which are more advertised , that's why we dream of visiting them . But if every country would be equally advertised , we couldn't choose which to visit .

Bali , Indonesia

Lake Baikal , Russia

Yucatan , Mexico

New Zealand

Papua New Guinea 



Edinburgh , Scotland

Helsinki , Finland
Isla Bocaray , Philippines

Lake Brienz , Switzerland

Lofoten , Norway

Meteora , Greece

Rajasthan , India

Swat , Pakistan


Venice , Italy

These are a few of the places I really want to visit . I hate the fact that money count so much . The truth is that if you don't have money , you can't travel . Unless , of course , you get a job which involves travelling . But then again , if travelling is your job , you won't do it with pleasure . You will probably get sick of it . 

P.S: You should check out "The Most Amazing All Kind of Picture" Facebook page . They have awesome pictures from all over the world .