marți, 23 iulie 2013

Same Love

  This song speaks my mind . People seem to have a problem with gay people and I don't understand why . What's the difference between gay people and straight people ? We are all humans and we all have rights .
  Of course , nowadays it's not that much of a big deal as it used to be . In early 80s , it was shameful . Gay people used to hide their sexual orientation because they were ashamed . For teenagers , it was worse . They had to face their parents . And what's the thing with church ? Church is supposed to be a place where you go to pray to God and to have ' God's blessing ' when you get married . Then why is that that you can't have ' God's blessing ' if you're gay ?
                    ' Whatever God you believe in , we come from the same one '

  Sometimes I wonder how did I turn out this way . I come from a racist family whose members think that being gay is a disease . It's not that my parents ever tried to wash my brain or something , but it's not like they agree with many things I'm trying to support either .

                  ' No freedom 'til we're equal ? Damn right I support it ! '

miercuri, 17 iulie 2013

DIY: T-shirt (inspired by Andrea'sChoice )

   Andrea (Andrea'sChoice) is one of my favourite youtubers . She is soo creative , you should definitely check out her channel :)

marți, 9 iulie 2013

"Look into my eyes , it's where my demons hide"


  Have you ever looked deeply in someone's eyes and practically feel that you're going to spend the rest of your life with them ?
  I guess it's true what they say , the eyes are the mirror of the soul . There are so many things hidden in someone's eyes and I think that only the right person can see them . 
 Don't get me wrong , I still stand up for my previous idea , people aren't meant to live together . It's just that there's this feeling when you're the right person to look in someone's eyes . Words can't describe that feeling . Just like happiness . You can't define happiness , nor this feeling . I can't even name it . Is it love ? The thing is that it doesn't matter if the other person is a friend , a parent , a stranger , a boy(girl)friend , it's about that moment when your eyes meet and your soul is being opened . 
 Eyes can hide love , fear , despair , humiliation , mercy , sadness . Some people can tell you when you're lying . It's enough to say ' look me in the eyes and tell me .. ' .
 I felt it . I looked in his eyes and I felt it . It feels like infinity . For one moment , we were infinite .

'If I lose myself tonight , it'll be by your side
If I lose myself tonight , i'll be you and I'

P.S. I was unsure about this post . I still am . I guess I'm just trying to deal with my demons . 

DIY (2)

Everytime I look around in my room there are books, notebooks , magazines everywhere . I made this .. thing .. so that I can gather the in one place . Tell me what you think , if I should keep posting DIYs and of course , if you make this send me a picture on my facebook (

miercuri, 3 iulie 2013

What am I doing with my life ?

 Lately I just feel like I'm wasting my life . I'm wasting time doing nothing . Time that I'll never get back .
 Today I've seen that one of my ex-classmates has a TV show . He's 17 , for fuck sake . Another one became a singer over the night . She's being payed for singing at weddings . Don't get me wrong , I'm not jealous , I couldn't be happier for them and I really wish them all the luck in the world . The thing is that they made me realize that at some point I stopped reaching for the things I want . What happened with me and what am I doing with my life ?
 At some point I stopped making things happen . I just waited for the Universe to do all the hard work . I do believe that I'm here for a reason . Everyone is here for a reason . I just can't figure out which is that .
 If you ever found yourself in this situation and you got over it , please tell me how , I'm open for suggestions . I got myself locked in this comfort zone and I can't find the way out . I'm afraid that I will wake up one day and I'll have nothing but regrets . I'm afraid that I will wake up one day and I won't be able to make things right .