miercuri, 19 iunie 2013


  Recently I got accepted in this project , GROW and today we had our first session . It’s the third time I participate . It’s about improving your English , getting to know yourself , stuff like that . Non-formal education .
  So , today we talked about proactivity . Proactivity means taking control of your life , be responsible for your actions , get involved . For example , if you fall , don’t wait for someone to come and help you get up , just take control .. get up !  :)
  At first I thought that being proactive means being always busy but on the second thought I realized that it’s not bad if you learn how to organize your priorities . At GROW we also have time and money management sessions , so in the end you can be a proactive person while managing your time according to your priorities .
   When I think about proactivity I think about being the flow , not going with the flow . I think that if you want to be a proactive person , you have to be self-confident . Self-confidence is like .. the key for surviving this life .
  At one point , our trainer said that if you know you can’t do something because you don’t like it , just leave it . If it’s not for you , leave it . Go do something productive , something you enjoy . Focus on the things you enjoy doing . For example , if you want to learn german but you don’t like it , go for another language . On one hand I agree with this , it’s better not to do it that do it wrong ; but on the other hand , I think you should try again and again until you succeed .
  We have this amazing trainer from Pakistan , Rabia . She’s great , and I really felt like I learned something .. productive .. today .
  About the project , I’m really glad someone made it happen ; taking into consideration the economical crisis we have to face , it’s really hard to find sponsors .
  As a conclusion , what I’m trying to say is to face to fears , but do it wisely . Don’t go with the flow , be the flow . Take responsibility for your actions . Be positive . Don't make excuses .

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  1. well, proactive for me is doing something without having someone to tell you to do it... haha! anyway, that's a great group you're in right now.

  2. but as far as I know, you were already in this "GROW" project. Or was that something else? I remember you telling me that you went to different kind of meetings and stuff. (alina). anyway, keep the posts coming :D:*

    1. I participated to GROW 0.9 , GROW 1.0 and now I participate to GROW 1.1 :) I hope I'll be accepted in GROW 1.2 next summer so I'll have been in every GROW project :D

    2. oh, i get it now. well, if you will go study abroad, the fact that you took part in this project will prove to be helpful. also you need as many certificates and diplomas as possible, so my advice would be to join every project, contest, competition that comes up. also it would be better that the activities were different. not only projects like grow, or english contests; try a sporting event, it will look very good on your resume when you apply for college. of course, in Romania, universities don't really care about these things. (alina)

    3. thank you for the advice Alina :* I already started to join all sorts of projects , but as far as I know , we don't really have sporting events except ' Crosul si semi-maratonul bla bla ' and Skirt Bike . Fusion Gym should give me a certificate that I go regularly , haha :))