luni, 24 iunie 2013

DIY : Bookmark

 DIYs are things you can do instead of buying them , which can be a lot more expensive .
 Now , if you know me you know I love to read and I love bookmarks . ( by the way , tell me which is the last or your favourite book you read , or which you would suggest me to read . I'm making a list of books to read this summer )

 So let's get to that bookmark .
What you need is some cotton and some scissors and you can get started . To be honest , I was inspired by some pictures on the internet to make this bookmark and I felt like I had to add something to it .
You practically take a simple bookmark and make a few little holes with the scissors on one side . Then you pass the thread through the hole and make a knot . Then you keep passing the thread from one hole to another until you fill them all .
If you don't have a simple bookmark on hand you can make one of carton .
This is pretty much it , it's not a big deal , anyone can make it .
Tell me what you think about my first DIY and if I should continue making DIYs . And make sure you send me a picture on my facebook which is or on my e-mail adreess if you try to make the bookmark .

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  1. keep them coming (DIY) :) great job, by the way :D fa-mi si mie unu :)) (alina)

    1. ai face bine sa-mi iei ceva mai calumea de 18 :))) jk :* try "Lolita"-Vladimir Nabokov, The Scarlett Letter"-N. Hawthorne, "David Copperfield"-Dickens, Doamna Bovary"-Flaubert. romanesti iti sugerez "Ciuleandra"-Rebreanu, "Maitreyi"-Eliade. nu-mi mai vin titluri, dar am citit lista aia de la tine de acasa ce ti-a dat-o diriginta si erau titluri interesante. eu vreau sa citesc in curand "Quo Vadis" de Henryk Sienkewicz si "Numele trandafirului" de Umberto Eco. Cat descpre carti ce nu mi-au placut...hmm...daca incep o carte si nu-mi place, o las de o parte. in a saptea nu mi-a placut "pinocchio" de la lecturi suplimentare. Si sa nu uit: o carte ce mi-a placut enorm, e inspirata din realitate si abordeaza o problema nu prea placuta (cancerul la o fetita de cativa ani), a fost "Pantofiorii rosii"- Maria Housden. o gasesti la biblioteca judeteana. nha, sa-ti ajunga ca mi-ai reprosat pe fb :* (alina)

  2. :D ;) :) :P :* >:D< [lucruri pozitive] :)))