luni, 3 iunie 2013

Beloved teenager ,

                                                        This is you , now .

 I've been planning to write this post for quite a while but it never seemed to be the right time . I keep having this quote in my mind " It's the oldest story in the world . One day you're 17 and planning for someday , and then quietly , without you ever really noticing , someday is today , and that someday is yesterday , and this is your life " ( One Tree Hill ) . The truth is that we spend our entire life making plans and waiting to grow up . We are 6 years old , we want to be 10 . We are 10 , we want to be 13 . We are 13 , we want to be 16 . We are 16 , we want to be 18 . We are 18 , we want to be 21 . We are 21 , we want to be 24 . And so on . After a certain age we realise we spent too much time wanting instead of reaching . My beloved teenager , do you think you're 16 and you still have time to decide what to do with your life ? It's already too late .  Don't go directly after big things . Dream big , but follow every step to make it happen . Don't expect to reach something without working hard to get it . Do you remember when you were 6 and wanted to be an astronaut ? When did you stop wanting big things ? When did you start to settle with less ?
 John Lennon said , ' life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans ' . Sometimes I think that everything is already planned , that we have no control of our lives . Then I realise how stupid that sounds, because it all depends on us . I do believe that everything happens for a reason , though . It's Karma .
 These days I noticed how people keep saying ' Be yourself ! ' . How am I supposed to be myself when I barely know who I am ? Well , my beloved , people will always have expectations from you . It depends on you if you care enough to be their .. puppet . From my experience , I'd say that when people tell you to 'be yourself' what they actually mean is 'be the way I want you to be' or 'live your life according to the society's criterias ' .
 My advice is to follow your dreams , once you figure them out . Act naturally . And try to figure out what you want to do with your life as fast as you can . Because like I said , it's already too late . Stop wasting time .
 So , beloved teenager , I know you're suffering . I know that when you start crying , you can't stop . I know that people expect from you more than you can give . I know you want to break free . I know you want to be independent . I know you don't want to go to school anymore . I know you think you're not good enough . I know you want to reach the top of the world . I've been there . Sometimes , I still am there . The most important thing is to move on . You are not the only one . Open your eyes to opportunities .
"This time he's gonna wear an iron suit
This time she's gonna fix her heart , make it bulletproof
He says he's gonna take a bite from the forbidden fruit , she says never, never bite more that you can chew
This time she's gonna get real , love the skin she's in
He says a winner never quits , quiters never win
She says this time she's built to face anything
This time he's gonna step up who he is ,
This time she's gonna live to work , she's not working to live"

This is you , ten years from now .

I forgot to mention , you won't probably succeed from the first time . Keep trying . A winner never quits , quiters never win .
so , what is YOUR dream ?

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  1. this article came at the right time. it was just these days i realized how much i miss the time when i was a kid. you know i just finished high school and i am so sad because of this, i would give anything to go back in time, even for a little while. I now hate the moments i wanted so bad to grow up, i feel awful, and the fact that i don't know what's laying ahead only makes it worse. an advice: don't let what's left of your school time pass by, make the most of it so that later in life, when you look back, you'll have nothing to regret. i know i would do this.. if only i could. kisses :* (alina)

    1. I'm soo sorry I couldn't make it to your graduation , I actually wanted to surprise you but I had a test and taking into consideration that I was gone for a while I really couldn't miss it . And don't worry , you can have a great time in university too . To be honest , I only regret not choosing Ghiba :(
      thanks for reading my posts and being so supportive ! I really appreciate it :*

    2. that would have been a great surprise, but it's fine, i appreciate even the fact that you taught about coming. it was nothing special, really, on the contrary, it was quite sad. at least for me. i'm really scared of getting old and i know it sounds stupid because i'm not even 18 but time passes so damn quick.. anyway, no need to thank me for reading your posts. it's always a pleasure :*

    3. come on , you're not getting old :D you're growing up . it's a matter of choice either you wanna say you grow old or grow up :) I'm really glad you find my posts a pleasure to read :*

    4. :* both suck anyway :( altough i'd like to grow up (as in "sa ma maturizez" nu sa devin adult) but without having to grow old :D waiting for the next post:)

    5. they suck only if you .. let them suck :)) next post coming soon >:D<

  2. Well, that's the truth of life, and I am happy that you stay positive despite what you have found out at an early age of 17...