miercuri, 26 iunie 2013

People and demons

 In my opinion , people are the most complicated beings . Or maybe we complicate things . We have such complex characters that I don't think we'll ever be able to understand each other .
 Also , I don't think 2 people can live with each other and in the end say 'yess , I haven't doubt him(her) a moment ' . We are so different that it destroys the connection between us . I sincerely admire people who can get through these differences .
 We spend so much time fighting our demons for the sake of the people around us that we find ourselves losing time we'll never get back . I keep asking myself , is it worth it ? Is it worth fighting your demons just to live with someone ? Two people can't be the same , have the same character , principles and so on . And these things tear us apart .
 Now you'll tell me that if you really want someone in your life , you'll accept him the way he is . Well , I think that acceptance has a limit . In a relationship between two people , there will always be that one of them who will sacrifice more for the sake of the other one , either if it's just a friendship or a love relationship . I've never seen two balanced people . Like , two people who give up at the same number of things . For example : "I quit smoking , you quit drinking" , "I quit fast-food , you quit smoking" , "I quit acting to spend time with you , you quit playing video games " , "I stop talking to that person you hate , you stop talking to this person I hate " , and so on . If any of you have this kind of balanced relationship , then you just gained all my respect . It's pretty impossible for me to believe that this kind of relationships do exist . Like I said , we are too different to live with each other . And NO , you cannot ignore those differences . Even if you try , at one point they will stab you in your back .
  Some people don't even accept their own demons and expect from you to accept them . Maybe if we'd stop lying ouselves we'd be a step closer to the ability of sharing our life with other people .

  I repetedly and obsessively listen to this song , 'Demons' by Imagine Dragons . The way he says ' I wanna hide the truth , I wanna shelter you but with the beast inside there's nowhere we can hide ' . Somehow , when I listen to that song , everything around me vanishes . It's just me and the song . Nothing matters anymore .
  At one point he says ' Look into my eyes , that's where my demons hide ' . We all have demons , even if we accept them or not . Take a moment to look in the mirror and analyze yourself . What you see ? What I'm trying to say is to stop lying to yourself . When you break the connection between you and someone , it's not entirely their fault. Guilt might actually be the only thing in the world we are equal at . It's never going to be only his or only your fault .

luni, 24 iunie 2013

DIY : Bookmark

 DIYs are things you can do instead of buying them , which can be a lot more expensive .
 Now , if you know me you know I love to read and I love bookmarks . ( by the way , tell me which is the last or your favourite book you read , or which you would suggest me to read . I'm making a list of books to read this summer )

 So let's get to that bookmark .
What you need is some cotton and some scissors and you can get started . To be honest , I was inspired by some pictures on the internet to make this bookmark and I felt like I had to add something to it .
You practically take a simple bookmark and make a few little holes with the scissors on one side . Then you pass the thread through the hole and make a knot . Then you keep passing the thread from one hole to another until you fill them all .
If you don't have a simple bookmark on hand you can make one of carton .
This is pretty much it , it's not a big deal , anyone can make it .
Tell me what you think about my first DIY and if I should continue making DIYs . And make sure you send me a picture on my facebook which is www.facebook.com/andreea.bianca.334 or on my e-mail adreess lady.andreea27@yahoo.com if you try to make the bookmark .

miercuri, 19 iunie 2013


  Recently I got accepted in this project , GROW and today we had our first session . It’s the third time I participate . It’s about improving your English , getting to know yourself , stuff like that . Non-formal education .
  So , today we talked about proactivity . Proactivity means taking control of your life , be responsible for your actions , get involved . For example , if you fall , don’t wait for someone to come and help you get up , just take control .. get up !  :)
  At first I thought that being proactive means being always busy but on the second thought I realized that it’s not bad if you learn how to organize your priorities . At GROW we also have time and money management sessions , so in the end you can be a proactive person while managing your time according to your priorities .
   When I think about proactivity I think about being the flow , not going with the flow . I think that if you want to be a proactive person , you have to be self-confident . Self-confidence is like .. the key for surviving this life .
  At one point , our trainer said that if you know you can’t do something because you don’t like it , just leave it . If it’s not for you , leave it . Go do something productive , something you enjoy . Focus on the things you enjoy doing . For example , if you want to learn german but you don’t like it , go for another language . On one hand I agree with this , it’s better not to do it that do it wrong ; but on the other hand , I think you should try again and again until you succeed .
  We have this amazing trainer from Pakistan , Rabia . She’s great , and I really felt like I learned something .. productive .. today .
  About the project , I’m really glad someone made it happen ; taking into consideration the economical crisis we have to face , it’s really hard to find sponsors .
  As a conclusion , what I’m trying to say is to face to fears , but do it wisely . Don’t go with the flow , be the flow . Take responsibility for your actions . Be positive . Don't make excuses .

joi, 13 iunie 2013

Make love , not war

The hippie subculture was originally a youth movement that arose in the United States during the mid-1960s . 'Make love,not war' was their slogan . Hippies were all about peace , love , acceptance , finding new meaning of life .
About their fashion , they wore brightly colored clothes , both men and women . Jeans , sandals , long skirts , head scarves , headbands . They usually purchased their clother from flea markets and second-hand shops .
This post is not meant to be a history lesson , I chose to study their culture because I find it very interesting and I think it's one of the most important movements in history . Beside that , it's a lifestyle . I chose to live with their principles and I think that the world would be a better place if people would live like that .
We keep saying we want peace but we do nothing about it . Like Gandhi said , ' be the change you want to see in the world ' . Nowadays , people think that one can't change the world ,but look at them . They were very few at the beggining and then , over the night , it was a worldwide movement against the Cold War .
I don't think it's fair that after everything they did for us , for freedom , we just let others tell us how to live our life .
If there's something I've learned so far , it's that if you want something , you have to go out and work for it . Nobody's going to do it for you .
'Imagine there's no Heaven ,
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today .
Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life is peace
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one '
(John Lennon)
I couldn't help myself , this describes people nowadays


luni, 3 iunie 2013

Beloved teenager ,

                                                        This is you , now .

 I've been planning to write this post for quite a while but it never seemed to be the right time . I keep having this quote in my mind " It's the oldest story in the world . One day you're 17 and planning for someday , and then quietly , without you ever really noticing , someday is today , and that someday is yesterday , and this is your life " ( One Tree Hill ) . The truth is that we spend our entire life making plans and waiting to grow up . We are 6 years old , we want to be 10 . We are 10 , we want to be 13 . We are 13 , we want to be 16 . We are 16 , we want to be 18 . We are 18 , we want to be 21 . We are 21 , we want to be 24 . And so on . After a certain age we realise we spent too much time wanting instead of reaching . My beloved teenager , do you think you're 16 and you still have time to decide what to do with your life ? It's already too late .  Don't go directly after big things . Dream big , but follow every step to make it happen . Don't expect to reach something without working hard to get it . Do you remember when you were 6 and wanted to be an astronaut ? When did you stop wanting big things ? When did you start to settle with less ?
 John Lennon said , ' life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans ' . Sometimes I think that everything is already planned , that we have no control of our lives . Then I realise how stupid that sounds, because it all depends on us . I do believe that everything happens for a reason , though . It's Karma .
 These days I noticed how people keep saying ' Be yourself ! ' . How am I supposed to be myself when I barely know who I am ? Well , my beloved , people will always have expectations from you . It depends on you if you care enough to be their .. puppet . From my experience , I'd say that when people tell you to 'be yourself' what they actually mean is 'be the way I want you to be' or 'live your life according to the society's criterias ' .
 My advice is to follow your dreams , once you figure them out . Act naturally . And try to figure out what you want to do with your life as fast as you can . Because like I said , it's already too late . Stop wasting time .
 So , beloved teenager , I know you're suffering . I know that when you start crying , you can't stop . I know that people expect from you more than you can give . I know you want to break free . I know you want to be independent . I know you don't want to go to school anymore . I know you think you're not good enough . I know you want to reach the top of the world . I've been there . Sometimes , I still am there . The most important thing is to move on . You are not the only one . Open your eyes to opportunities .
"This time he's gonna wear an iron suit
This time she's gonna fix her heart , make it bulletproof
He says he's gonna take a bite from the forbidden fruit , she says never, never bite more that you can chew
This time she's gonna get real , love the skin she's in
He says a winner never quits , quiters never win
She says this time she's built to face anything
This time he's gonna step up who he is ,
This time she's gonna live to work , she's not working to live"

This is you , ten years from now .

I forgot to mention , you won't probably succeed from the first time . Keep trying . A winner never quits , quiters never win .
so , what is YOUR dream ?