vineri, 10 mai 2013


  My adventure in France is almost over , tomorrow we'll be heading to Holland . I didn't pack anything yet , everything is a mess and I don't feel like leaving Paris . I could stay here forever . I just miss my friends and boyfriend . But if they were here , I could stay here and need nothing else .
hotel room

such a great hotel with an awesome staff :)


Velizy . I'm obsessed with motorcycles :)

a view from the top of the Eiffel Tower

on the top of the world , haha

1st floor (Eiffel Tower)





such a creative bridge ! you write your name and your boyfriend/girlfriend's name on a padlock and live it there . forever :) so much love on this bridge !

Arc de Triomphe


Sephora on Champ-Elysees

midnight in Paris



ooops , I'm in London

brother with Stitch !

Disneyland again

guess what ?


haha , Renault

mommy & me

some beggar .

me & brother , he's afraid to go on that thing alone

Jardin des Tuileries

Jardin des Tuileries

another beggar .
Next stop : Amsterdam ! ( well , Belgium , but that's just for half an hour probably , because we'll stop there to eat and stuff like that ; buuuut the main stop is Amsterdaaaam , City of Freedom )

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  1. I envy youuuu!!!! have a great time and buy me something nice :D a chocolate maybe? :*** kidding. or not :D (alina)

    1. I already bought you something nice .. BITCH !!! :))) :*

  2. sper ca-i ceva comestibil :))) I <3 FOOD :))) glumesc :*

  3. great architectural photos!