marți, 7 mai 2013

from Paris with Love

  So , here I am in my hotel room after 26 hours of driving .
  We've stopped in Hungary , Austria and Germany (unfortunately) . The reason why I said unfortunately is because the police stopped us . It was quite an adventure . The good thing is that everything turned out to be fine , it was just a .. routine check . But daaaamn , those 2 police men were smoking hot .

first stop in France . such a beautiful place <3
Even though we were tired we went out for a walk and to the mall , which is pretty awesome because it's next to our hotel .

hotel room

Starbuuuuuuucks <3

Imagine the excitement when I saw my favourite store , which is not available in my country .
I guess this is it for today , I'll be back with more photos and stories in a few days .
From Paris with Love ,

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  1. from my hometown, we do have Forever21, but since I moved in my new place last year, I could not find one... Love the packaging of Forever21 there... anyway, enjoy the rest of your trip!