miercuri, 15 mai 2013

City of Freedom

 I never thought I would fall in love with Amsterdam . I did . Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities I've ever visited . I knew from the beginning that drugs and prostitution are legal in Holland but when I saw hashish cookies and cigarettes with marijuana being sold in any shop , I couldn't help myself . It was hilarious . Not to mention that there's this neighbourhood in Amsterdam , called "The Red Neighbourhood " . It's practically a street ful of prostitutes . I never believed that such things exist . I never believed that I will see people on daylight walking on the street smoking marijuana . It is such an interesting and somehow creepy culture .
 Besides the fact that everything is legal in Holland , it is a country with an amazing architecture . I couldn't take my eyes off . I was hypnotised by everything that surrounded me .

Zaandam-Zuid (Holland)

Amsterdam , Holland

city of bikers

so weird

I just met Churchill

Hey sexy !

John Lennon , such an inspiration for me :)

singing with Freddy

what's up David ?

if you didn't already figured , my celebrities are made of wax ! All the photos are made in Madame Tussaud Museum :)

Torture Museum

some creepy lady in the Torture Museum

Red Neighbourhood

oops , I think I'm in Venice

Amsterdam Arena

chillin' in the train

such a beautiful street

now that's a ship

traditional dutch clothes


Keukenhof again

swan <3

orchideea <3

Holland(ish) stuff

Keukenhof is well-known for its beautiful gardens . It amazed me , the way they took care of those flowers :)
My adventure is over , I'm already home , screwing my best friend (long story) and tomorrow I'll go back to school . On one hand , it's great to be finally home but on the other , I wish I traveled at least one more week . Or visit at least one more city . But it's ok , I feel blessed that I had this great opportunity . There are so many places in the world that I want to see , so many things that I want to do and I already feel that there's just not enough time . And money . Something is always missing . I can't wait to go away again . People always leave , right ? Why shouldn't I do the same ?

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  1. you do realize that "screwing my best friend" means "f*cking your bf", right? :)) after the show you put on this morning i expected a little more "Making fun of Laura" stuff. anyway, i want to hear the "long story" you mentioned. hope it's funny and has a connection with that Johnny Depp autograph. And btw, when you said you met Beckham you meant his wax sculpture? :)) good one lady :)) (alina)

    1. as a matter of fact , it has a connection but we'll talk about that face to face :)) ahaha , she hates me for that . Alina , I'm afraid you didn't get the point :))

  2. that's interesting... the scenes of marijuana and prostitution on the streets are really absurd! But I guess they managed with those kind of practice because they are disciplined.