duminică, 28 aprilie 2013

Photography (3) : Birthday

  I feel like I haven't been here for a while . Truth to be told , I've been pretty busy these days with my birthday and all the stuff going on .
  Here are some photos from yesterday :)

made by Alina's mother :)

Alina will probably hate me again for publishing a picture with her but she'll get through it :)

I celebrated my birthday with few of my best friends . They mean so much for me and I just want to thank them for the amazing day we had !
I will be gone for 2 weeks from the 6th to the 20th of May in a little "Eurotrip" . I decided to keep a travel book and I will try to write on the blog at least twice a week . I will go to France , Holland and Germany , and stop in Hungary and Austria on the way . I can't wait , Holland is new for me , I've never been there before . Their culture always fascinated me since forever , though I don't really like their language . I've been studying german for 5 years and I can barely say my name , not to mention that dutch is 10 times harder that german .
I'm looking forward to share with you photos and memories ! :)

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  1. happy birthday girl! Im so excited to see the photos of your upcoming trip! wish I can do that trip thing as well... =(

    1. thank you ! well , do it :) all you need is someone special and an airplane ticket :D

  2. yeah...i bet we mean sooo much to you. especially me considering the fact that you decided to post that horrible photo of myself after i specifically asked you not to!!! but wait till you see my dear birthday girl, cause mama here has some 'nice' pictures of you too. >:P and for the record: NO MORE CAKE FOR YOUR NEXT BIRTHDAY! :))) if it wasn't clear already, it's alina commenting and not so secretly planning her revenge. namaste! :*