vineri, 22 martie 2013

Are you happy ?

 Have you ever asked yourself this question ? Are you happy ?
 I'm not talking particularly about having your loved ones next to you , though this is really important . I'm not talking about having money , a dream-job , or anything material . I'm talking about pure happiness . Those moments when you smile without a reason , when you feel powerful , or just .. pure . When you feel like you have nothing to hide .
 It's hard to define happiness . Actually , I don't think there's a certain definition . Happiness is not the same for everyone . We might have common things that make us happy , but people can't be happy in the same way . Maybe for someone happiness means just having someone by his side , while for someone else happiness means travelling around the world alone .
 Now try to erase everything from your head and also think about everything you are blessed to have . Think about every moment you spent and how you spent it . Think about who did you spent it with . Think about your life . Are you happy ? Is your life how you want it to be ?
 If it is , then congratulations . Try to keep it that way .
 The sad thing is that for most of us , life isn't how we imagined it . In One Tree Hill , Nate said ' One day you're seventeen and planning for someday and then , quietly , without you ever really noticing , someday is today , then someday is yesterday and this is your life . ' My advice is , don't let time pass by . Life is too short .
 Overall , I am happy . If I look back , I have nothing to regret . I like to call regrets 'opportunities to learn and evolve ' . There's always room for better , but I am happy . Are you happy ?

     "One day baby we'll be old . Think about the stories that we could have told ! "

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  1. You're right, happiness depends on how we define them. For me, happiness is to be able to enjoy everything I have and enjoy the moment with everyone around me, but sometimes, my ambitions and my weaknesses give me pain.

    1. I think that pain makes you stronger ; unless it's something really really bad . As they say ' What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ' :)

    2. It not only might ;) make you stronger but you wouldn't be able to understand pleasure/happiness in a world without pain..

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