sâmbătă, 2 martie 2013

Self-confidence again

   This might be the most personal post I’ve ever written . Truth to be told , I always wanted to help people . To change them . To make the world a better place .. But how can I do all these when I feel like shit ? I admit that I’m not self-confident , but how can I be when I’ve never chose the right person to put my trust in ? I started to believe that there aren’t people to be trusted . It’s sad that at 17 years old I can put my hand on my heart and say ‘ I’m used to be disappointed . ‘ It’s sad that I expect people to disappoint me .
   My self-confidence is so fucked-up that I always think ‘ why would you choose me when you can choose them ? ‘ I feel like crying and screaming and I have nobody to talk to because I’m just too scared that they aren’t worth my trust . These are the moments when I wish I was a cold-hearted .
   Some people say that a human being stops trusting the others when he/she once cared too much . If that’s true , then there’s the answer to my question . But then again , I cared too much more than once .
   I think that the only way I can find peace is to let everything behind .. "friends" , family , country , everything . Maybe one day ..

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  1. there are always insecurities within us in one way or another... at least next time when this happens again on you, you will definitely how to handle it... nice qoutes there!