vineri, 1 februarie 2013

My top 10 greatest movies

        As I can't find any inspiration , I decided to write a post about my top 10 favourite movies of all times :)

  10.  The Butterfly effect 1 (2004)
 This movie is absolutely amazing . The story , actually , is amazing . It's about a boy who had some kind of a disease . As he grew up , he found out that this disease let him change the past . Soon , he finds out that changing the past isn't always in his benefit ..

  9. Eurotrip (2004)
 I don't know if there's someone in the world who haven't seen Eurotrip . It's one of the best comedies EVER !


  8. Shallow Hal (2001)
 The story of a man who dates only phisically beautiful women . One day , he's hypnotized by a man and he starts seeing the inner beauty of women . He falls in love with Rosemary , an ugly and fat woman and this is where the story gets complicated .

      7. W.E (2011)
 There's nothing else I can say but great movie !! :)


  6. Accepted (2006)
 The story of a boy who didn't get into any college and he builds his own . Great comedy !

 5. Pay it forward (2000)
 I won't describe the movie because I already wrote a post about it . Genious idea , great movie !!

 4. P.S I love you (2007)
Words can't describe the greatness of this movie . I was shocked to see that "Gerry" dies at the beggining of the movie . Anyway , the idea of the movie is amazing and you should definitely watch it .

     3. The bucket list (2007)
 I laughed and I cried watching this movie . The way 2 strangers became best friends . The way they lived their last days . Go crazy or go home , haha .

  2. Dirty dancing (1987)
 Forbidden love . Dance . The 80s . This movie doesn't have an age .


   1. The Notebook (2004)
 There's not a movie to be compared with "The notebook" . Rachel McAdams is my favorite actress , she's gorgeous and she really gets into the character . It's the story of an old man who reads a story to an old woman every week . The story he reads is about 2 young lovers , Allie and Noah . Allie is rich , she's a city girl and her parents won't let her date Noah . In the end , they will find their way back . "The notebook" will always be my favourite movie :)

                                              THANKS FOR READING :)

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  1. Wow! I cant believe I missed to see a lot of wonderful movies out there! Love your first choice - THE NOTEBOOK! =)

  2. Great choices! some of them are my faves too