sâmbătă, 19 ianuarie 2013

Pay it forward

   2 days ago I saw this amazing movie called "Pay it forward" . It's the story of a boy, Trevor, who changed the world . Well , not the entire world , but it still mattered a lot  . He had to do something that could change the world , as homework . He had this awesome idea of helping 3 people , and every each of them had to help another 3 and so on . He named this idea "pay it forward" .. There were 2 rules though : 1.He had to help those people in a way that no one else could ; in a way that would really matter ; 2.Those 3 had to pay it forward to anyone , except of the one who helped them .
   Trevor helped a homeless man , his teacher and a classmate .
   The story is absolutely amazing , I cried for 10 minutes at the end .
   I usually like old movies better than the new ones . Old movies have original ideas , they aren't predictable . "Pay it forward" was released in 2000 . I'm surprised I haven't seen it until now . Anyway , my point is that if you want to see a good movie , "Pay it forward" is the one you're looking for .
   I think we should all pay it forward , the world would probably be a better place . I'd like to challenge everyone in the world to pay it forward . Can you imagine how awesome would it be if you'd start helping 3 people and then they would pay it forward to another 3 , and YOU'd create a circle that would eventually reach you ? It's actually an act of trust , you have to trust those people you help that they would pay it forward :) I dare you !

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  1. that seems like a great movie! Haven't heard of it but ill try to look for it, is there one in youtube?

    1. I'm not sure , it's an old movie so you might find it on youtube , I watched it on www.990.ro :)