vineri, 4 ianuarie 2013

NYE. Have an awesome 2013 ! :)

      I want to wish you all an awesome 2013 , much better that 2012 . For me , 2012 was a year full of achievements . I wish 2013 will be kind to me , and to you all too , at least as good as 2012 . For me , 2012 was a year of evolution . I feel like I discovered myself , I got involved in all kinds of projects , and I accepted every challenge . Last year I realized that if you really believe in yourself  , if you really believe you can do something , the stars will align for you . The most important thing in the world is to be aware of the things you are or not capable to control . I kind of believe in destiny . I mean , it's not like we came to this world with no reason . But I also believe that it's up to us if we want or not the "destiny" control our life . Probably is written in the stars how we are meant to die , but the way we live is up to us . My advice is to keep your head up and fight for what you want !

     Now , about my NYE , there's really not much to tell . It wasn't the best night of my life , but it wasn't that bad .
This was my NYE outfit :)

He made my night :) Thank you !

                                         Make-up by me . :)

                  One of my best friends . Hair & make-up also made by me :)

                                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

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  1. glad to hear that you had a wonderful year! i guess there is a fine line between destiny and fate because just like you, I beliee that we make our own destiny; while fate, for me, is something that is really meant for us... I'm gonna research further on the difference of the 2.. Haha! Anyway, I wish you a blessed and fruitful year and a year full of blogging!