marți, 11 decembrie 2012

Inspiring videos

        I've always loved to see a good video/movie , one that wakes up a feeling in me , one that touches me somehow . I thought I should show you some of them , they can really make a change in your life , they can influence you so that you change you mentality without even noticing :)

       When I first saw this video I couldn't help myself . The video is about a father who carries his son 'through' the triathlon . It meant a lot to me . It kinda' taught me that if you really want something , working hard you'll get it ! (not to mention that the song completes perfectly the video)

       This video speaks for itself ..

        I find this short movie pretty awesome . I think that everyone who loves his(her) mother cries at the end of the movie . I was so touched to see that this awesome idea came from a romanian man. It's worth watching from the beginning to the end :)

    The awesomEST thing he said , in my opinion , was ' if you don't build your dreams someone else will hire you to build theirs ' . What can I say ? True story :)


     I've never been really patriotic but I know that our country has to offer more than people know . They hear just the bad things about Romania ; instead of the good ones . The problem is that we don't know/don't care to evoluate . We have such a beautiful country , for exemple : we have mountains , a sea , we have all the 4 seasons (spring , summer , autumn , winter) , we have beautiful sights , we have rivers .. I don't want to over-apreciate , but I think it's one of the most beautiful countries in the world . It's a shame that romanians don't join each other for a better country/life :)

She's amazing ..

     I included this video in my post mostly for the quotes , but his story is pretty amazing too :)

         Probably everyone knows his speech , but still , it is unbelieveble . He had a crazy lifestyle and he still ended up pretty fine .. R.I.P :)

            I really hope you enjoy all the videos :) they're worth watching !!

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  1. The internet here won't allow me to view videos! I'm in a coffee shop using a public wifi... Would love to watch those videos someday if I can get internet connection in my new house... I bet those videos would really touch me just how it touches you...