miercuri, 26 decembrie 2012

Friendship , Love and other things that complicate life


         Friendship.What really means having a friend ? Do we really need friends or it is just an idea of the society ? In my vision , a friend is the person you want to talk to when you're hurt , happy , depressed , excited , in love ; the person you want to gossip with, instead of gossip about , if that makes any sense .
          These days I was thinking about my friends and I kept having this term in my mind "fake friends" . There's no such thing as a fake friend . I mean come on , you can be friend with someone or you can pretend to be . But you can't be a FAKE FRIEND . You just can't . Pretending to be friends with someone means that you're fake ; not a fake friend . Or at least , that's how I see things .
         I guess I'm lucky , I always had that someone to go to if I was in trouble , or if I was happy and had to tell someone why . We probably couldn't live without friends because we would end up lonely and depressed .
         Aaand Love . Do we really need it ? I don't know 'bout you , but I do . I couldn't imagine life without love . There would be just cold-hearted people . I'm not talking about relationship-kind-of-love . I'm talking about simple and sincere love . Unconditional love . Like the love that a parent has for his child . Or the love a man has for his animal . Or the love we all have for our home . And why not , the love we have for our partner . We need something or someone to complete us . We need that one thing or one person that will make us laugh , cry , smile . We need someone who will love us back .
        But what if you're in love with your best friend ? I think this is the best and the worst thing that can happen to you . The best if he/she loves you back and the worst if he/she won't share your feelings . When you get to the point where you're in a relationship with your best friend , you're untouchable . Why ? Because then you know that you have someone to talk to about anything and someone to love . Both in one person .
         On the other hand , sometimes I wish I was a cold-hearted . Then I wouldn't get hurt . But as I'm thinking , I realize that at the end of the day , I need that someone . Like I said , I can't imagine life without love .. and friends :)

                           In your arms . " Someone said this is the place where everything's better and everything's safe . " (OTH)

                                            Pink - Try
                                            Aura Dione - Friends
                                            Eminem - No love
                                            Lil' Wayne - How to love
                                            Gavin DeGraw - Soldier

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  1. great qoutes there... I think you are inspired by someone right now, friend, or probably some guy out there! Ahem!

    Anyway, I agreed the thought that we look for someone that we love and love us in return who can complete us, but my friend has another perception about it which I also agreed. He told me that life is like a cup, we have to fill it with love first, once love overflows from your cup, that's the time that you will look for another cup to take in the overflowing love... That you can't truly love someone without loving yourself first fully.. He has a point too... It doesn't matter though, love is not supposed to be analyzed, its supposed to be felt...

    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

    1. I completely agree . We definitely have to love ourselves , with all our imperfections . But I also think that you can't love yourself without the help of a friend . It's easier to accept your imperfections when people apreciate you for your values and stuff . Someone said ' I love everybody starting with me . ' That's hilariously true :)
      Happy Holidays !