sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2012

First snow

     Winter. Snow . Magic . Love . Mercy . Cold . Warm . Kindness . Tea . Christmas . Family . Friends . Christmas tree . Ice-skating . Happiness ♥

 In my opinion , winter is ' the most wonderful time of the year ' . It's time for Christmas , New Years Eve , aand not to forget the first snow (for most of the countries) . The first snow reminds me of childhood . When I was little I always used to go out for hours just to build snowmen , and do any fun stuff . Nowadays , children don't enjoy the first snow like I used to and I still do . They don't go out to catch the first snowflake like I used to . Probably it's because I've always been a dreamer . It seems so magical . Winter is the coldest and the warmest season :)


                                                                 me & brother

                                                        let it snow , let it snow , let it snow

         You know , when we are young , we are taught that there's an old fat man who will bring us any toy we want if we are good kids . One day we grow up and we find out that it was all a lie . I think that our childhood ends up when we find out that Santa and Easter Bunny doesn't exist .
       Well , I think that Santa exists . He might not be an old fat man , but he's certainly a spirit . He's the feeling of magic . He's the joy on Christmas Eve .
       Recently I found out that in Finland they have a place called Santa's Village . Can you believe how awesome is that ? To have such a wonderful place .
       Like Andy Williams said , Christmas " is the most wonderful time of the year " . Christmas is not about presents . Christmas is about having your family and loved ones next to you .
      Christmas is my favourite holiday since I was a child and it will always be . It is the only time of the year when I see mercy , forgiveness and happiness . I've always believed in magic . I've seen it with my eyes . If people would learn to open their eyes to the world they would be surprised how magical it is . I can't tell if it's because of Santa or not , but on Christmas Eve out there is more love and peace than any other time of the year . Maybe people are still afraid of being on the "naughty" list and they try to do good things on the last minute . Maybe they want to make others dreams come true . Maybe they want to impress someone . The most important thing is that they do .
       Like they said in One Tree Hill , ' believe that dreams come true , because they do ' ! :)

3 comentarii:

  1. Sometimes, I feel stressed out during christmas with all those obligations of giving gifts and the thought that you are expected to do it! Haha! Thanks for reminding me the true spirit of christmas...

    Love to see the pictures of the first snow in your place! I wish we have it here too! I think it's worth the cold to feel winter... =)

    1. trust me , it is worth .. but i wish this year the snow won't last til' March or April , then it gets kinda' annoying .. and there's this region in my country where is so much snow on the ground that people can't go out , they have to stay in their house , and make reserves of food and stuff so they won't die .. i'm lucky that region is on the other side of my country ..

    2. too much of something is really not good though... My filipino friends in the U.S. always get sick on their first snow experience... Hehe...