duminică, 18 noiembrie 2012

Thanksgiving ?

 In my country we don't celebrate Thanksgiving , although I think we should . I've never participated to a Thanksgiving dinner so everything I know about it is from movies .
 In my opinion , every country should celebrate Thanksgiving . We have this crazy obsession of 'stealing' other countries' holidays . For example Halloween . I think it's nice that people get costumes and act childish for a day , and kids go trick or treat , but it isn't an original holiday . I mean , it is for americans , but not for us . Americans know how to send a message , they know how to manipulate people to adimire them . Don't get me wrong , I'm fine with americans , but I think we shouldn't forget our traditions . It's a shame that we have such beautiful traditions and we forget to celebrate them , but we celebrate other countries' traditions .
 Well , if there is a tradition that americans have and we should 'steal' it , it is Thanksgiving . Thanksgiving is about gathering all the people you care about in one place and have fun . Or , more traditionally , just the family . The whole family . If we'd celebrate Thanksgiving , I would probably invite all my friends and their families , not just mine . If it is a once-a-year-holiday we should make it big !
 On the other hand , I think we should have Thanksgiving once a month . We should be thankful for what we have every minute of every day , not once a year . I know I am . I am thankful for my family , for my friends , for the life I live . What are you thankful for ?
 For those who celebrate Thanksgiving , don't make it an ordinary day when you can show your friends how much money you have by wearing the most expensive outfit you have in your closet , don't fight with the annoying member of the family ( every family has one) , don't make fun of the silly one . Just be thankful for everything you have , for every member of your family , for every friend . You should be thankful . You have every reason to be :)

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  1. I agree... I would want to steal that tradition as well if I can... Of course, we can be thankful for all the blessings we receive everyday, but a special day of the year just for thanksgiving makes the act more special and appreciated, especially when this special occasion is spent with our loved ones...

  2. yess , but on the other hand , we should treat our loved ones special everyday .. it's like Valentine's day , a boy should remember to take out his girlfriend/wife whenever they have time or they feel like going out , not just on Valentine's day .. it's spontaneity which makes life more exciting :D