sâmbătă, 27 octombrie 2012

Photography (2) : Random

       So this is my second 'Photography' post , and i thought it should be with random photos . "Casual" photos :)
2nd day of school , pretty tired
I love this one , it's made by a friend of mine , future well-known photographer .

my little brother <3 ( if you cry , I'll hold your head up high , I'll be there by your side .. I will be your guardian angel )
pretty awesome , right ?
Irish Pub. everyone but me was drinking , haha

random , random <3
my teacher's ride .
OpenEd , yay
isn't she a cutie ? >:D<

make-up by me :) ( Make-up is an art ; the most beautiful one , I think . Make-up is like a mask you can wear anytime you want . You put up a mask when you don't want people to see the real you . When people see the real you , they discover your weaknesses . When they know your weaknesses , they can destroy you . It's hard to hide yourself from people ; there are just a few who are worth fighting for . For them , you can open yourself in all your naturalness , without being ashamed of who you are . )
Don't you love random photos ? You can say so many things about someone when you see some pictures with him/her :)
I guess that's it for today , I hope it wasn't a waste of time for you :)
Regina Spektor - How
Rihanna - Diamonds
Taylor Swift - Begin again
Ed Sheeran - Kiss me
Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses <3

Thanks for reading , xoxo

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  1. great eye make up! Wish I know how to do those make up stuffs... :) Love the second photo as well! <3

    1. it isn't hard at all , maybe i'll make some tutorials but i'm not sure yet =D thanks for your comment !