joi, 18 octombrie 2012


     Music is one of the most important things in my life . I lay down on my bed with my headphones on , and in that moment I swear I am infinite .
     It doesn't matter what kind of music you listen to , it only matters if that music gives you a feeling of joy. If the song you are listening to , makes you open your eyes and heart to the world.
     Music expresses our feelings and thoughts . The lyrics are the most important part of a song . This is the reason movie-makers put soundtracks in movies . They make life more exciting . If you have a bad day , and you listen to the right song , it brightens up you day .
    My favourite songs are the ones that give me reasons to listen to them again . My number one is Your call by Secondhand Serenade because it makes me fall in love again and again everytime i listen to it . It reminds me of a person I care a lot about . Well , even if my favourite song is by Secondhand Serenade , my favourite band is Lady Antebellum . They put so much heart in their songs <3 !
    There are also 2 awesome songs which make me cry everytime I listen to them . One of them is Dancing with the devil by Immortal Technique . It tells a story about a boy who wanted money and respect . In the end he killed his own mother and when he realized what he did , he jumped off the roof . The second is Hurt by Christina Aguilera . It tells the story of a girl who left her father and in the end when she wanted to come back to him , she had nobody to come back to . Both songs opened my eyes to what I have and what I can lose if I get blinded by money . Because , the most important things in life , aren't things !
    Music is a gift which can poison your mind or open your eyes and heart . It depends on how you want to take it :)

Bon Jovi - Always
Michael Bolton - When a man loves a woman
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
Emeric Imre - Nebun de alb
Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson - Forever young <3

                       Thanks for reading , xoxo <3

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  1. I agree! sometimes I just couldn't figure out what my favorite song is because there are a lot of beautiful music out there and it also depends on my mood as to what my music preference is....

    1. Yess , it depends on the person's mood , but in my case , Your call is a song that can make me feel better , no matter if I have a good or a bad day . That song is just awesome :)