marți, 28 august 2012

Be the change you want to see in the world !!!

    Today I want to talk about changes . People can make big differences in this world , people influence other people . God made us beautiful inside and .. outside . “ everyone is born beautiful . some people just let the world turn them into something ugly “ was wrote on a picture . I completely agree . I tried so hard to understand other people and I realized I didn’t know myself at all , so I started having some ‘ principles’ in my life . One of them is ‘ Be the change you want to see in the world ‘ .

    That’s a silly story but I feel that if I share it with you , you’ll understand better what I’m talking about .. So it all started about I year ago . We all have our addictions , obsessions . Mine was fuckin’ FACEBOOK . Trust me , I was logged in like 24/7 . And that’s not fine !! J I saw people logged 24/7 and I was like ‘ what the hell is wrong with you ? get a life !! ‘ and then I realized I was just like them . I figured out that I had to stop wasting time online ‘cause I can do more important stuff than watching what lady gaga posted , I mean , what the hell ? you have a life you have to worry about , you don’t have time to give a fuck about where your ex-boyfriend checked-in last night J  Then I saw this quote which , I guess , changed my life . I deleted my Facebook page and I was laughing at people when they actually told me that it was like I haven’t had a life anymore . I still have those moments , when I’m thinking ‘ what the hell ? I want to meet that guy , to get to know him , Facebook is my only chance ‘ . Hell no , don’t ever think like that , you can meet awesome people by going out , not by being logged in and meeting a cute guy that might be a fuckin’ 80 old year perv beyond the computer .. just sayin’ J So let’s get to the point . Everytime I want to make another facebook profile I’m thinking that I can be that change . For me it works .. I’m actually pretty proud of myself , it’s been almost a year since I deleted my facebook page ^^ .

      P.S. I’m not saying that all of you should delete your fb page , just try not to spend that much time staying logged in , like I said , there are more important stuff you should do J

      Gandhi definitely made a change in my life .
       You want something ? Go out and work for it ! And if you fail , try again and again and again until you get what you want .. you just need a little push. I pushed you , now it’s your turn !


thanks for reading , stay beautiful , xoxo

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