miercuri, 26 decembrie 2012

Friendship , Love and other things that complicate life


         Friendship.What really means having a friend ? Do we really need friends or it is just an idea of the society ? In my vision , a friend is the person you want to talk to when you're hurt , happy , depressed , excited , in love ; the person you want to gossip with, instead of gossip about , if that makes any sense .
          These days I was thinking about my friends and I kept having this term in my mind "fake friends" . There's no such thing as a fake friend . I mean come on , you can be friend with someone or you can pretend to be . But you can't be a FAKE FRIEND . You just can't . Pretending to be friends with someone means that you're fake ; not a fake friend . Or at least , that's how I see things .
         I guess I'm lucky , I always had that someone to go to if I was in trouble , or if I was happy and had to tell someone why . We probably couldn't live without friends because we would end up lonely and depressed .
         Aaand Love . Do we really need it ? I don't know 'bout you , but I do . I couldn't imagine life without love . There would be just cold-hearted people . I'm not talking about relationship-kind-of-love . I'm talking about simple and sincere love . Unconditional love . Like the love that a parent has for his child . Or the love a man has for his animal . Or the love we all have for our home . And why not , the love we have for our partner . We need something or someone to complete us . We need that one thing or one person that will make us laugh , cry , smile . We need someone who will love us back .
        But what if you're in love with your best friend ? I think this is the best and the worst thing that can happen to you . The best if he/she loves you back and the worst if he/she won't share your feelings . When you get to the point where you're in a relationship with your best friend , you're untouchable . Why ? Because then you know that you have someone to talk to about anything and someone to love . Both in one person .
         On the other hand , sometimes I wish I was a cold-hearted . Then I wouldn't get hurt . But as I'm thinking , I realize that at the end of the day , I need that someone . Like I said , I can't imagine life without love .. and friends :)

                           In your arms . " Someone said this is the place where everything's better and everything's safe . " (OTH)

                                            Pink - Try
                                            Aura Dione - Friends
                                            Eminem - No love
                                            Lil' Wayne - How to love
                                            Gavin DeGraw - Soldier

marți, 11 decembrie 2012

Inspiring videos

        I've always loved to see a good video/movie , one that wakes up a feeling in me , one that touches me somehow . I thought I should show you some of them , they can really make a change in your life , they can influence you so that you change you mentality without even noticing :)

       When I first saw this video I couldn't help myself . The video is about a father who carries his son 'through' the triathlon . It meant a lot to me . It kinda' taught me that if you really want something , working hard you'll get it ! (not to mention that the song completes perfectly the video)

       This video speaks for itself ..

        I find this short movie pretty awesome . I think that everyone who loves his(her) mother cries at the end of the movie . I was so touched to see that this awesome idea came from a romanian man. It's worth watching from the beginning to the end :)

    The awesomEST thing he said , in my opinion , was ' if you don't build your dreams someone else will hire you to build theirs ' . What can I say ? True story :)


     I've never been really patriotic but I know that our country has to offer more than people know . They hear just the bad things about Romania ; instead of the good ones . The problem is that we don't know/don't care to evoluate . We have such a beautiful country , for exemple : we have mountains , a sea , we have all the 4 seasons (spring , summer , autumn , winter) , we have beautiful sights , we have rivers .. I don't want to over-apreciate , but I think it's one of the most beautiful countries in the world . It's a shame that romanians don't join each other for a better country/life :)

She's amazing ..

     I included this video in my post mostly for the quotes , but his story is pretty amazing too :)

         Probably everyone knows his speech , but still , it is unbelieveble . He had a crazy lifestyle and he still ended up pretty fine .. R.I.P :)

            I really hope you enjoy all the videos :) they're worth watching !!

duminică, 9 decembrie 2012

After a day

        This morning when I woke up I saw that it's still snowing . My brother is out playing in the snow , I'm drinking a hot cup of tea and my parents are cleaning the yard so we can go out .

                           After one day of non-stop snowing : 

                                                      That's how my yard looks like ;

That's how my windows look like ;

.. And that's how my street looks like :)
Awesome :)
I hope you enjoy the snow as much as I do .

sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2012

First snow

     Winter. Snow . Magic . Love . Mercy . Cold . Warm . Kindness . Tea . Christmas . Family . Friends . Christmas tree . Ice-skating . Happiness ♥

 In my opinion , winter is ' the most wonderful time of the year ' . It's time for Christmas , New Years Eve , aand not to forget the first snow (for most of the countries) . The first snow reminds me of childhood . When I was little I always used to go out for hours just to build snowmen , and do any fun stuff . Nowadays , children don't enjoy the first snow like I used to and I still do . They don't go out to catch the first snowflake like I used to . Probably it's because I've always been a dreamer . It seems so magical . Winter is the coldest and the warmest season :)


                                                                 me & brother

                                                        let it snow , let it snow , let it snow

         You know , when we are young , we are taught that there's an old fat man who will bring us any toy we want if we are good kids . One day we grow up and we find out that it was all a lie . I think that our childhood ends up when we find out that Santa and Easter Bunny doesn't exist .
       Well , I think that Santa exists . He might not be an old fat man , but he's certainly a spirit . He's the feeling of magic . He's the joy on Christmas Eve .
       Recently I found out that in Finland they have a place called Santa's Village . Can you believe how awesome is that ? To have such a wonderful place .
       Like Andy Williams said , Christmas " is the most wonderful time of the year " . Christmas is not about presents . Christmas is about having your family and loved ones next to you .
      Christmas is my favourite holiday since I was a child and it will always be . It is the only time of the year when I see mercy , forgiveness and happiness . I've always believed in magic . I've seen it with my eyes . If people would learn to open their eyes to the world they would be surprised how magical it is . I can't tell if it's because of Santa or not , but on Christmas Eve out there is more love and peace than any other time of the year . Maybe people are still afraid of being on the "naughty" list and they try to do good things on the last minute . Maybe they want to make others dreams come true . Maybe they want to impress someone . The most important thing is that they do .
       Like they said in One Tree Hill , ' believe that dreams come true , because they do ' ! :)

miercuri, 28 noiembrie 2012

Dorkie's Birthday :)

  This Sunday my family and I celebrated my brother's birthday . :) I noticed that little kids have so much energy ; he couldn't stop running and fooling around . I love watching him having fun . When I see him smiling .. well , the sparkle in his eyes is worth all the diamonds in the world ..

I also baked a cake for him . A picture from Pinterest inspired me to make it with KitKat and M&M's . It was soo delicious .. and beautiful , haha .

   I can't believe he's already 2 years old . I remember the day he was born . It wasn't an ordinary day at all . One moment I was listening to my teacher and on the other one I found myself running to the hospital . It was certainly one of the best days ever . It feels like yesterday when I hold him for the first time .


vineri, 23 noiembrie 2012

Învingătorul este întotdeauna singur - Paulo Coelho (book review)

Nume : Învingătorul este întotdeauna singur
Autor : Paulo Coelho
Editura : Humanitas

     O carte de Paulo Coelho , cu asta cred că am zis tot !
     De fiecare dată când merg la bibliotecă să împrumut cărţi , mă uit după o copertă interesantă . Vroiam neapărat să citesc ceva de Coehlo şi cartea asta parcă strălucea strigând '' Ia-mă ! '' .
     În această carte , Coelho spune pe faţă ce înseamnă să fi o celebritate ; spune nişte lucruri pe care cu toţi le ştim deja dar ne e sau prea frică să le zicem cu voce tare sau pur şi simplu nu ne-am găsi cuvintele .
    Ce m-a determinat să iau cartea a fost prefaţa ; sună cam aşa :
'' Am susţinut adesea în cărţile mele că visurile noastre au un preţ şi e foarte important să îl plătim . Dar in ce măsură pot fi visurile manipulate ? De câteva decenii trăim într-o cultură care privilegiază faima , banii şi puterea . Mulţi au ajuns să creadă că sunt singurele valori ce merită căutate , fără să-şi dea seama că  cei care fac cu adevărat jocurile , în spatele cortinei , rămân anonimi , ştiind că cea mai eficientă putere e cea care trece neorservată - până când e prea târziu şi suntem prinşi în această capcană . Cartea mea este despre această capcană . ''
  Are un stil genial de a explica lucrurile astfel încât oricine ar putea să le înţeleagă .
  În fine , trecem peste . De la şcoală m-am obişnuit să fac fişă de lectură care constă în citate din cartea respectivă şi aşa am făcut şi acum . Problema e că dacă era să scriu toate citatele geniale , puteam la fel de bine să transcriu cartea . :)
    '' Oamenii nu sunt niciodată mulţumiţi . Dacă au puţin , vor mult . Dacă au mult , vor şi mai mult . Dacă dau pe-afară de cât au , vor să fie fericiţi cu puţin , dar sunt incapabili să facă vreun efort pentru asta . ''
     '' S-a dus vremea manechinelor care serveau drept cuier ambulant . Desigur , e mai uşor să îmbraci pe cineva slab - hainele cad întotdeauna mai bine . ''
   '' Succesul te face sclav şi în acelaşi timp îţi dă dependenţă şi , la sfârşitul zilei , alături de o altă femeie sau bărbat în pat , o să te întrebi : merită ? Oare de ce mi-am dorit mereu asta ? ''
   '' Superclasa încearcă să-şi vândă valorile . Oamenii obişnuiţi se plâng de nedreptatea divină , invidiază puterea , suferă când îi văd pe alţii că se distrându-se ; nu-şi dau seama că nimeni nu se distrează , de fapt , toţi sunt preocupaţi , nesiguri , îşi ascund imensul complex de inferioritate cu ajutorul bijuteriilor , maşinilor de lux , portofelelor doldora de bani . ''
  '' Sindromul celebrităţii poate distruge cariere , căsnicii , valori creştine , îi orbeşte pe înţelepţi şi pe ignoranţi deopotrivă . Mari savanţi , după ce sunt recompensaţi cu un premiu important , îşi lasă baltă cercetările şi , în loc să contribuie la îmbunătăţirea umanităţii , încep să trăiască din conferinţe care le alimenteaya ego-ul şi contul din bancă . Un indian din jungla amazoniană , adoptat de un cântăreţ celebru , ajunge să creadă că îi este de fapt exploatată sărăcia . Un luptător pentru dreptate care munceşte din greu apărând drepturile defavorizaţilor sorţii se hotărăşte să concureze pt. un post public , câştigă şi începe să se creadă imun la toate , iar într-o zi e găsit la un motel cu o prostituată , plătită din banii contribuabililor .
   Sindromul celebrităţii . Când oamenii uită cine sunt şi încep să creadă ceea ce spun alţii despre ei . Superclasa , visul tuturor , lumea fără umbre şi fără tenebre , unde cuvântul 'da' serveşte drept răspuns la toate cererile . ''

        E a 2-a carte de-a lui pe care am citit-o şi îmi place că parcă mă citesc pe mine . Parcă îmi citesc gândurile . TOTUŞI , cel mai mult îmi place că scrie despre lucruri realiste , lucruri adevărate . Pune în scris lucruri pe care mulţi oameni (inclusiv eu) le gândesc , sunt de acord cu ele dar nu şi-ar găsi cuvintele potrivite să spună ce au în minte .
    În orice caz , ca să vă spun cam despre ce este vorba în carte . Îi un tip rus , Igor , care merge la Cannes ca să îşi recâştige fosta soţie . El 'distruge lumi' pentru ea (adică omoară oameni) . Ea nu îi înţelege mesajele , nu înţelege ce vrea să spună prin faptul că distruge lumi . Pe timpul festivalului de la Cannes , trăieşte cu frică , neştiind de ce ar fi în stare Igor să facă . Igor duce o luptă psihică , fata pe care a omorât-o apare peste tot unde merge şi îl îndrumă ; lucru din care cred că Paulo Coelho a vrut să sugereze că Igor a înnebunit . Vorba'ceea , ' de ceea ce ne temem cel mai mult , nu scăpăm' .  Finalul e cam neaşteptat , cel puţin eu nu mă aşteptam să se termine aşa . Ceea ce e bine , urăsc când îmi dau seama de la început cum o să se termine .
      Oricum , eu v-aş sugera să citiţi cartea , mai ales fanii cărţilor lui Paulo Coelho , e genială :)


duminică, 18 noiembrie 2012

Thanksgiving ?

 In my country we don't celebrate Thanksgiving , although I think we should . I've never participated to a Thanksgiving dinner so everything I know about it is from movies .
 In my opinion , every country should celebrate Thanksgiving . We have this crazy obsession of 'stealing' other countries' holidays . For example Halloween . I think it's nice that people get costumes and act childish for a day , and kids go trick or treat , but it isn't an original holiday . I mean , it is for americans , but not for us . Americans know how to send a message , they know how to manipulate people to adimire them . Don't get me wrong , I'm fine with americans , but I think we shouldn't forget our traditions . It's a shame that we have such beautiful traditions and we forget to celebrate them , but we celebrate other countries' traditions .
 Well , if there is a tradition that americans have and we should 'steal' it , it is Thanksgiving . Thanksgiving is about gathering all the people you care about in one place and have fun . Or , more traditionally , just the family . The whole family . If we'd celebrate Thanksgiving , I would probably invite all my friends and their families , not just mine . If it is a once-a-year-holiday we should make it big !
 On the other hand , I think we should have Thanksgiving once a month . We should be thankful for what we have every minute of every day , not once a year . I know I am . I am thankful for my family , for my friends , for the life I live . What are you thankful for ?
 For those who celebrate Thanksgiving , don't make it an ordinary day when you can show your friends how much money you have by wearing the most expensive outfit you have in your closet , don't fight with the annoying member of the family ( every family has one) , don't make fun of the silly one . Just be thankful for everything you have , for every member of your family , for every friend . You should be thankful . You have every reason to be :)

sâmbătă, 27 octombrie 2012

Photography (2) : Random

       So this is my second 'Photography' post , and i thought it should be with random photos . "Casual" photos :)
2nd day of school , pretty tired
I love this one , it's made by a friend of mine , future well-known photographer .

my little brother <3 ( if you cry , I'll hold your head up high , I'll be there by your side .. I will be your guardian angel )
pretty awesome , right ?
Irish Pub. everyone but me was drinking , haha

random , random <3
my teacher's ride .
OpenEd , yay
isn't she a cutie ? >:D<

make-up by me :) ( Make-up is an art ; the most beautiful one , I think . Make-up is like a mask you can wear anytime you want . You put up a mask when you don't want people to see the real you . When people see the real you , they discover your weaknesses . When they know your weaknesses , they can destroy you . It's hard to hide yourself from people ; there are just a few who are worth fighting for . For them , you can open yourself in all your naturalness , without being ashamed of who you are . )
Don't you love random photos ? You can say so many things about someone when you see some pictures with him/her :)
I guess that's it for today , I hope it wasn't a waste of time for you :)
Regina Spektor - How
Rihanna - Diamonds
Taylor Swift - Begin again
Ed Sheeran - Kiss me
Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses <3

Thanks for reading , xoxo

joi, 18 octombrie 2012


     Music is one of the most important things in my life . I lay down on my bed with my headphones on , and in that moment I swear I am infinite .
     It doesn't matter what kind of music you listen to , it only matters if that music gives you a feeling of joy. If the song you are listening to , makes you open your eyes and heart to the world.
     Music expresses our feelings and thoughts . The lyrics are the most important part of a song . This is the reason movie-makers put soundtracks in movies . They make life more exciting . If you have a bad day , and you listen to the right song , it brightens up you day .
    My favourite songs are the ones that give me reasons to listen to them again . My number one is Your call by Secondhand Serenade because it makes me fall in love again and again everytime i listen to it . It reminds me of a person I care a lot about . Well , even if my favourite song is by Secondhand Serenade , my favourite band is Lady Antebellum . They put so much heart in their songs <3 !
    There are also 2 awesome songs which make me cry everytime I listen to them . One of them is Dancing with the devil by Immortal Technique . It tells a story about a boy who wanted money and respect . In the end he killed his own mother and when he realized what he did , he jumped off the roof . The second is Hurt by Christina Aguilera . It tells the story of a girl who left her father and in the end when she wanted to come back to him , she had nobody to come back to . Both songs opened my eyes to what I have and what I can lose if I get blinded by money . Because , the most important things in life , aren't things !
    Music is a gift which can poison your mind or open your eyes and heart . It depends on how you want to take it :)

Bon Jovi - Always
Michael Bolton - When a man loves a woman
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
Emeric Imre - Nebun de alb
Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson - Forever young <3

                       Thanks for reading , xoxo <3

marți, 2 octombrie 2012

Photography (1) : Sunday out

 I love making pictures . I love to make them and to appear in them , haha .
This Sunday I went out with some of my friends and we immortalized the day with some photos .
 - take a look - :)

I'm pretty sure that my friend Alina will hate me if she sees the first picture ,haha .

Anyway , why would you stay home when you can go out ?
It was a great Sunday and I'm sure we will do this again soon .

            Subscribe to my blog and I will see you soon !

            thanks for reading , stay beautiful , xoxo .

joi, 27 septembrie 2012

Ecstasy .

    Când a fost ultima dată când ai făcut ceva care să îţi placă cu adevărat ? Ceva care să te facă să te simţi cu adevărat bine .
   Efectiv toată ziua am stat şi mi-am chiorât ochii la laptop , ocupându-mi timpul cu nimicuri .. Până am văzut într-un colţ al patului o carte pe care cu câteva zile în urmă mi-am propus să o citesc . Nu ştiu de tine , dar pe mine cititul m-a făcut întotdeauna să mă simt bine , cititul mă relaxează . Aşa că am deschis cartea şi am început să citesc . E chiar o carte interesantă . De ceva vreme nu mai îmi place nimic , încep o carte , si când ar fi mai interesant , încep alta , mă satur . Încerc să mă descotorosesc de starea asta de lene şi plictiseală , să încep să mă bucur din nou de ceea ce îmi place cu adevărat să fac .
   Şi desigur .. Ce merge mai bine cu o carte bună decât un ceai dulce de lămâie ?
   În caz că te întrebi despre ce carte tot îţi scriu aici , e vorba de Ryu Murakami - Ecstasy :)

 Aşa că fă bine şi dă muzica tare şi , în caz că eşti ca mine , serveşte-te cu un ceai şi relaxează-te . Citeşte o carte ..

 O seară faină ! :D

Enrique Iglesias - Hero
Simple Plan - Save you
Bruno Mars - Marry You
Lovex - Guardian Angel
Brendan James - Green
Green Day - 21 Guns
Green Day - Wake me up when September ends
Maroon 5 - One more night
Westlife - I wanna grow old with you

marți, 25 septembrie 2012


 The two men that inspire me the most are John Lennon and Oscar Wilde with their qoutes,lyrics and so on .
 ' I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything . I've always been a freak . So i've been a freak all my life and i have to live with that , you know . I'm one of those people. ' (John Lennon)
  OMG ! I couldn't have said that better . He told us that he doesn't give a fuck about how society tells us to be and he is not the kind of person who would change for someone else . This is how we all should think like .
 ' Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary. ' (Oscar Wilde)
 From his writings , i'd say that Oscar Wilde was a person who had to face life early and he learned how to handle it . I think that what he wanted to say is that we shouldn't fall in love with nobody but the one who treats with respect , the one we are not ashamed to present to our parents , the one that we can't stay mad at just because he makes us laugh so hard . If you find that person , don't ever let her/him go !!!
 ' Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans . ' (John Lennon)
  I don't know about you , but when i'm making plans it never ends up well . I think that the best night out is when you  choose a place to go randomly .
 ' There are 2 basic motivating forces : fear and love . When we are afraid , we pull back from life . When we are in love , we open to all that life has to offer with passion , excitement and acceptance . We need to love ourselves first , in all our glory and imperfections . If we cannot love ourselves , we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create . Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life . ' (John Lennon)
 I don't have nothing to say . It's just awesome :D
 ' I am not young enough to know everything . ' (Oscar Wilde)
 Some people say that when we are young we have a better perception of life . As we grow up we just complicate life . I don't know how true is that but still .. I like how it sounds :))
 ' When I was 5 year old , my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life . When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up . I wrote down 'happy' . They told me I didn't understand the assignment , and I told them they didn't understand life . ' (John Lennon)
 That's amazing . I don't have nothing else to say :)
 ' Whenever people agree with me i feel i must be wrong . ' (Oscar Wilde)
 Have you ever been in this situation ? It always happens to me , haha .:))
 ' They've promised that dreams can come true , but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams too . ' (Oscar Wilde)
 What he's trying to say is that life isn't always pink . We have to face it and learn how to deal with our problems .
 ' I believe in everything until it's disproved . So i believe in fairies , themyths , dragons . It all exists , even if it's in your mind . Who said that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as here and now . ' (John Lennon)
 Nice theory :)
 ' Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing . ' (Oscar Wilde)
 Can you imagine how bad we got if in the 19th century O.W said that people were materialists ? A friend of mine told me that the reason the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used . That's sooo true !!!
 Enjoy life as long as you have it . Enjoy every moment . Live your life ! Live, Love , Laugh . Don't give a fuck about what people say .

I hope you find this inspiring .

thanks for reading , stay beautiful , xoxo !

marți, 28 august 2012

Be the change you want to see in the world !!!

    Today I want to talk about changes . People can make big differences in this world , people influence other people . God made us beautiful inside and .. outside . “ everyone is born beautiful . some people just let the world turn them into something ugly “ was wrote on a picture . I completely agree . I tried so hard to understand other people and I realized I didn’t know myself at all , so I started having some ‘ principles’ in my life . One of them is ‘ Be the change you want to see in the world ‘ .

    That’s a silly story but I feel that if I share it with you , you’ll understand better what I’m talking about .. So it all started about I year ago . We all have our addictions , obsessions . Mine was fuckin’ FACEBOOK . Trust me , I was logged in like 24/7 . And that’s not fine !! J I saw people logged 24/7 and I was like ‘ what the hell is wrong with you ? get a life !! ‘ and then I realized I was just like them . I figured out that I had to stop wasting time online ‘cause I can do more important stuff than watching what lady gaga posted , I mean , what the hell ? you have a life you have to worry about , you don’t have time to give a fuck about where your ex-boyfriend checked-in last night J  Then I saw this quote which , I guess , changed my life . I deleted my Facebook page and I was laughing at people when they actually told me that it was like I haven’t had a life anymore . I still have those moments , when I’m thinking ‘ what the hell ? I want to meet that guy , to get to know him , Facebook is my only chance ‘ . Hell no , don’t ever think like that , you can meet awesome people by going out , not by being logged in and meeting a cute guy that might be a fuckin’ 80 old year perv beyond the computer .. just sayin’ J So let’s get to the point . Everytime I want to make another facebook profile I’m thinking that I can be that change . For me it works .. I’m actually pretty proud of myself , it’s been almost a year since I deleted my facebook page ^^ .

      P.S. I’m not saying that all of you should delete your fb page , just try not to spend that much time staying logged in , like I said , there are more important stuff you should do J

      Gandhi definitely made a change in my life .
       You want something ? Go out and work for it ! And if you fail , try again and again and again until you get what you want .. you just need a little push. I pushed you , now it’s your turn !


thanks for reading , stay beautiful , xoxo

miercuri, 30 mai 2012

Fear makes you a believer ..

    Nu putem şti sigur dacă există sau nu unele lucruri , totuşi consider că dacă credem în lucruri cum ar fi fantomele, vrăjitoria , karma etc , ele devin reale , cel puţin în imaginaţia noastră . Cel mai nou trend este povestea vampirilor. Am auzit comentarii la filmul ' Twilight ' cum ar fi ' ce penal , vampirii nu strălucesc ' . OK , să zicem , dar de unde ştim concret ca nu ? Vampirii nu există , sau cel puţin nu a fost descoperit vreunul ca să putem spune cum arată şi ce fac . Cu toate astea , unii se tem de ei .
    Nu am prea multe cunoştinţe in domeniul psihologiei , totuşi am nişte idei despre aceste lucruri . Ele pot exista sau nu. Oamenii se sperie de nişte lucruri de care nici nu ştiu sigur dacă există . Odată speriaţi , mintea noastră devine bolnavă . Mintea devine bolnavă de-ndată ce începem să credem . Când începem să credem , orice ne poate răni , o simplă pană de curent poate deveni în mintea noastră un abstract fenomen menit să ne distrugă .
    Începem să ne baricadăm , începem să fim PREA precauţi , ceea ce poate duce la un singur lucru : nebunie . Diferenţa dintre o minte bolnavă şi nebunie este o secundă .
    Probabil unul dintre cele mai adevărate lucruri este că mai frică trebuie să ne fie de ceea ce putem vedea decât de ceea ce nu putem vedea .
    Desigur , subiectul acesta este unul amplu iar opiniile diferă de la persoană la persoană . Aceasta este doar opinia mea !

                                                                             thanks for reading !

marți, 15 mai 2012

book review ^^

Book review

                                 Iubire între două lumi

                       -Sofia Goublias

       "Iubire între două lumi" este o carte care m-a impresionat profund .. o carte care m-a provocat sa călătoresc înapoi în timp , o carte care m-a făcut să mă simt de parcă aş fi acolo. Când am luat cartea mă aşteptam la o carte plictisitoare dar nu a fost nici pe departe aşa .O carte nu prea cunoscută , totuşi de premiul Nobel pentru literatură . O carte în care oricine a iubit profund vreodată se poate regăsi .Am mai citit cărţi frumoase , dar aceasta e de departe preferata mea .
      In carte este vorba despre o tânără americană din zilele noastre ce se trezeşte ca viitoarea soţie a unui bărbat influent din Franţa secolului XX . Ea gaseşte jurnalul fetei a cărei corp îl 'posedă' şi vede că bărbatul cu care urmează să se mărite este un monstru .. totuşi se îndrăgosteşte de el ! Problema e că în următoarele zile ea trebuia să facă un lucru regretabil .... trebuia sa îl omoare ! Se petrec un şir de acţiuni pline de suspans , cei doi mor , iar ea se întoarce în corpul ei , în zilele noastre . Ea pleacă în Franţa să îl caute , să îi caute mormântul măcar , iar un lucru inimaginabil se petrece ... Cei doi se regăsesc !

             Vă invit să citiţi cartea , promit că nu veţi regreta !

                                                                thanks for reading , xoxo